Flu Shots

Just one reason why I don't get a flu shot.

There is nothing more embarrassing than watching not one but three “love scenes” in a movie knowing that your mother is only seats away from you… Yeah, tell me about it.

It all started when I was taking a shower, (get your head out of the gutter) and I began to feel woozy.  I couldn’t quite breathe when next thing you know I was on the bed soaking wet.  I started seeing spots when all of a sudden everything went black.  I passed out.  Not exactly what I call a fun way to start your weekend.  My hero sweetheart who was in the other room came running in to catch me and drag me out of the shower and bring me back to reality.  (true story).

That’s when I realized I wasn’t doing so well.  The Greek-Girl was not doing so well, I had  the flu. The flu for those of you don’t know is not a fun thing to have.  You end up sick, dizzy, hot and cold, achy and shakey.  Let’s just say when they were handing out the free flu shots at all those clinics and even in the mall, I was too busy updating my Twitter and Facebook status.  Too bad I wasn’t too busy because Mr. Bricks had me booked out on a world-tour, just sayin’.  Regardless, I missed out and now it was too late.

That was when my mom decided it was time to get in the car and come over to care for her baby-girl.  Yep, she did.  She loves me that much.  But the problem is as I mentioned in previous blogs whenever she comes over, she finds something to fix.  Well this wasn’t one of those times.  This time it was having to “paint” the sill of my half-walls in the entrance of my home.  “So, when are you guys gonna ever paint these things? They look terrible” she said.  Then without skipping a beat the same hero who saved me, my sweetheart dropped his chin, breathed in his pride and disappeared only to return with a can of paint and a brush.  I said I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that now.  They didn’t listen, but my mommy did make me some chicken and rice soup (Campbell’s of course).

Well, after the paint was applied that was when my mom decided to lean on the wall and press her arm into the paint.  Shocked I just looked at her and said, “see, I told you it wasn’t a good idea!”  Then a new coat of paint was applied only to be ruined by, “me” who unfortunately was drugged up and woozy and hardly knew what day it was.  So now, one of my favorite sweatshirts was ruined.  Thanks mom!  Now, not only is my half-wall mucked up and I am out a sweatshirt but I am so sick I can’t even tell you what day it is.

Another hour goes by.  We are all quiet when suddenly a loud yell, “Dang-it!” comes from the other room.  Yep, my sweetheart just set his hand right onto the wet paint.  So now we are three coats into this debacle and it looks worse than before.  Finally, the following day of this weekend of bonding, and after deciding I’m feeling somewhat okay, I tell my mom we have to get out of the house.  I can’t take this anymore.  “So, what do you want to do?” she asks me.  I told her I was dying to see the movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

A kick-butt movie that is not intended to be watched with your mom however.

So there I was just feet from my mom in a dark theater when out of nowhere the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo disrobes and proceeds to get it on with Daniel Craig.  HELLO!!!  That was when I suddenly felt my fever break as a cold shock hit my heart and I suddenly  swallowed my tongue.  This was not your family flick to say the least.  Needless to say, the drive home was delightful as we all tried to justify how good the film was despite the various love scenes.

Once we were home and all of us were trying to get over the awkward feeling of silence when we turned on the TV and found the Republican Debate on ABC was on.  Ahhh… now we can use some intellectual television to scrub the mind of any memory of what we just experienced.  Okay, not exactly the college championship football game that I know Mr. Bricks would be watching to see any cheerleaders at half-time, but it was still like watching a sport sorta. All I care is that it scrubbed the awkward moment from the night.

The Political Sporting Arena...

So, lets just say, this is one of those moments where I have to chalk it up and say, ‘not again’.  The next time I see a sign that says, ‘Get your Free Flu Shot’ (I don’t care if it’s $250) I am getting one.  The last thing I need is to share an awkward moment in the dark with my mom and my sweetie by my side again.  Let alone pass out in the shower and have my mom come over only to being a gorrilla episode of HGTV’s DIY or Kitchen Crashers.  Mom, I love you, but… I may have to have a restraining order on you or call Time Warner Cable and have HGTV removed from your TV, (that is of course after I win the HGTV Dream-home that is in Utah.)

Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xox 😀
PS: I already claimed ownership of the HGTV Dream-home so don’t waste your time entering the contest, just download my music instead… :o)

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2 Responses to Flu Shots

  1. gillianloves says:

    A different awkward moment > I watched a show with my then little kids. It was about insects. Every second word was sperm. Sperm sperm sperm. Actually come to think of it, my mum WAS there, laughing.

  2. The Hook says:

    I can relate to your flu experiences, young lady – all too well!

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