The Brady Bunch

Tom Brady and the Brady Bunch

It’s 8pm and the coin toss is just minutes away.  With millions of Tebow fans around the world Tebowing in their living rooms I sit in the dark clutching my Vitamin Water Zero as I wait to watch what I know is inevitably about to occur: a debacle on the Denver Bronco’s.  Yup, you guessed it, I am a Patriots fan.  Sorry…..  and even I love Tim Tebow, he is amazing.  However if it comes down to the two teams, I just have to stay tried and true to my boys in silver and blue.

Here we have football from the mind of a girl, (a Greek blonde Girl that is):

1st Quarter:

Tom Brady (aka Mr. Bunchen) strides out leading his team to the field.  Denver wins the coin toss.  Meanwhile I indulge in a healthy snack platter as I watch the Patriots chalk two touchdowns on the board faster than my manager Mr. Bricks can scarf down a McRib.

Commercial break.  OK time to check my Ebay app on my iPhone.  Low and behold I’m about to score a touchdown of my own as I pitch my bid on a bottle of my favorite Channel Parfum, Allure.  With only 1 minute to go I end up winning!  TOUCHDOWN!

2nd Quarter:

The Brady Bunch takes it to the Bronco’s and I think I see Tebow underneath about a dozen Patriots, inside voice – “please God make them stop stomping on Tim Tebow”.  I know this is so hard, I love my Pats, but I love Tim Tebow too…. rrhhrrh I almost think the Patriots started to feel bad too – as the Bronco’s scored one touchdown.  Then only to answer them back Mr. Bunchen (Tom Brady) decides to toss in not 1 or 2 but 3 more touchdowns.  So I get bored for a minute.  I decide to prank Mr. Brick’s by sending him a pic of me with my hair pulled back and tell him I cut it into a ‘bob’.

Halftime –

Mr. Brick’s texts me in a total frenzy.  He insists on Skyping me from across the globe to see my new “hairdo”.  Ut Oh…. he does not sound amused…. yup he’s pretty much flipping out. I text him and say I was only kidding.  Oops the Patriots are back on the field now.

I tell Bricks not to worry and I will skype him after the game.  The phone rings.  It’s him.  Oh geeze.  Can’t a girl watch a game without being interrupted.  It’s okay because at this point I feel so bad for the Bronco’s I can’t take it.  So I answer the Skype call.  Mr. Bricks who is visiting his ailing Aunt in east-yu-peepee is nearly freaking out before I show him I would never cut my locks off.  He lets out a gasp, and it’s a good thing I told him or it could have landed him into a McRib induced coma.

– Now back to the game.

Tom tosses yet another TD pass.  In goes the Patriots into a 42 to 7 lead.  Oh and the Bronco’s score a 3 point field goal.  What’s that?  Someone tagged me in a political photo on Facebook?  Okay, gotta login now and delete the tag… grrr.  Meanwhile I stop to see Laura Kaeppeler from Wisconsin was just crowned Miss America, (love the dress btw).

Back at the game.

Here we see Tebow tebowing yet again but this time its because he’s getting up from being sacked his 6th time of the game.  What in the world?  I just can’t wrap my noggin around this.  I have to have a hot beverage.  So I pour myself a k-cup cup-o-coffee/hot chocolate and top it off with whip cream.  My Brady Bunch is destroying the Bronco’s & I feel so bad I can’t even enjoy it!

4th Quarter:

I text Mr. Bricks to see if he’s watching the game.  He say’s “no. I don’t like soccer.”  This leads me to believe he’s kidding.  But then a few texts later I get to the bottom of it and realize Mr. Bricks failed in gym class.  He’s not a sports fan.  That is unless you consider Nascar a sport.  He’s got a thing for Danica Patrick apparently.  I am starting to think he spends more time watching her car go round the racetrack more than he is trying to get me my record deal….

Then before you know it, it looks like the Patriots have just about wrapped up what is by far one of the greatest games I have ever seen.  45-10 in a blowout game that set all kinds of records, now if we can just have a repeat next week.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Tim Tebow.  He is an amazing athlete and most importantly a class act.  It was really hard to watch my favorite team beat the Broncos so badly.  However, in sports just like in life sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down.  The most important thing to remember is to always be who you are no matter what is happening on the field.  Just like the sports casters said, “Tim Tebow” will be back next year with a vengeance.  In the meantime it’s on to the playoffs and God willing, onto the Superbowl for my Brady Bunch!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xox 😀 

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2 Responses to The Brady Bunch

  1. Blockader says:

    I was hoping for a closer game, the lopsidedness of it all bored me, so in the third quarter I changed channels and watched curling.

  2. The Hook says:

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

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