What Goes Around Comes Around

Look out Phil or you might get what's coming to ya!

Okay, it’s that time again and this Greek Girl is itching to get her flip-flops out of storage.  So, if that Punxstawney Phil doesn’t do his job right this year, I might just have to slip my sneakers on and march my little butt down to pay him a visit and show him what a good kick boxer I am by plummeting his little head into a snowbank.

Now, I know that may sound harsh and normally I am all miss animal lover activist.  But before you go calling the ASPCA or PETA on me, think about it for just a minute.  Wouldn’t you much rather be having some fun in the sun wearing flip flops vs. having your fingers turning blue (like mine)?

Insert Greek Philosophy:

“It is much better to live in a warm climate and travel to the cold and snow when you want to, rather than live with the cold and have no choice. ”
– Ava Aston Winter – 2012 

Now granted old man winter gave us a break on the white crap this year, but DANG it’s been frigging freezing here lately.  Seriously, I’m sleeping dressed up in a an outfit like nanook of the north over here.  Sweatshirt zipped up with a hood, sweats, t-shirt, socks,  fur slippers… and I am not ashamed to admit I even sat on the couch watching a movie with my blanket coat on over all that stuff under a blanket a few times. Can anyone say, ridiculous?

 What can’t I do that I want to in this stinking weather? 

1. Go get a hot cup of magic a la Dunkin Donuts anytime I want

2. Go on a date with my sneakers running outside with my iPod 

3. Wear Flip Flops

4. Lay in the sun (of course I wear sunscreen, keep your pantaloons on)

5. Even eating ice cream is not fun in the winter

What CAN I do in this freezing weather? 






All I have to say is that Punxsuatwney Phil better not see his shadow on Thursday February 2nd, because if he does… to quote the title from the film that robbed Viggo Mortensen of an Oscar for his role in the film “Eastern Promises” back in 2008 –
“There Will Be Blood.” 

So let’s hear it for, no Shadow!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox

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2 Responses to What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. The Hook says:

    How do you keep rockin’ so hard, Ava?

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