What are the affects of drinking coffee

Nothing is more amazing than a cup of fresh diner coffee.

Some say it helps build strong bones, others say it weakens your heart.  Still others argue that coffee helps lower blood pressure.  Whatever the real answer is, to me the affects are life changing.  You know how Superman has his kryptonite?  Well coffee is the exact opposite for me.

Confused? Well if you are the Greek Girl, the affects of coffee are similar to the affects of the blood running through your veins.  Or no different than jet-fuel to an aircraft.  Neither the jet nor the Greek Girl can get off the ground without either.  Now, I know what you are thinking, “You’re not that addicted to coffee are you?” – Ahh… yes, yes I am.  If there were such a thing as a 12-step program for coffee-oholics, I would be a candidate, not that I would ever go to one.  Just the thought of standing there and saying, “Hi, my name is Ava Aston and I am addicted to coffee” as if it were a bad thing doesn’t sound like something I could ever utter in all seriousness.  I see the word addiction here as a negative.  I am also addicted to breathing and that’s not a bad thing.  What I feel my relationship with coffee is, is more of a lifestyle, or as my manager Mr. Bricks would call it a “love affair”.  Coffee to me is like my centuries worth of Greek heritage all brewed up into one little 8 oz. diner mug that I can enjoy one slow sip at a time.

So in honor of my addiction I will share the affects coffee has; on the Greek Girl through a collection of images.

Here is where it all began: My Dad. Here he is at home in Greece and he's as Greek as they come. Notice all the coffee cups on the table. Enough said.

Now, sometimes my dad adds a little Ouzo or Sambucca to his. I tried this once. The affect was, me making a horrible face and spitting it out. Let's just say, it's not how I roll. This is a part of my coffee heritage I don't mind neglecting. Besides, I think the alcohol kills the enzymes in coffee that keep me so young and my skin looking so good. ;o)

How does the Greek Girl start her day? Coffee in Bed of course. The affect, helps make the day go great.

Here is a glimpse into my coffee stash. The great thing is that I have choices. The affect this has on me is I have to make a choice. I don't like making choices especially first thing in the morning. Do I do espresso, k-cup, drip or french press? Then it's a matter of what mug because of the size of the coffee drink I have. Then it's a matter of what flavor. See what I mean? Decisions.

Now once I am up and out and ready to go, I have my coffee to go. This way, I can enjoy my home brew out and about. The affect this has on me is I can't get the door for the car. Can someone get the door please? My hands are full of hot magic and this amazing Michael Kors purse I got at TJ Max. Which was probably where I was headed when this was taken.

Now, before I head out I happen to check the mail. Here I see Mr. Bricks sent me some coupons for Dunkin Donuts! Woo-Hoo! The affect of this is obvious, the Greek Girl is happy. Now not only am I gonna find some deals at TJ Maxx but I am also gonna save on my next 3 cups of Dunkin Donuts. Not quite a record deal but you did ok this time Mr. Bricks.

Here I am at Dunking Donuts clutching my large cup of happiness like Smeigel from Lord of the Rings and his Precious. Yes I did use one of Mr. Bricks coupons. Affect of this was pure elation. As you can see by the smile on my face.

Now, I know this looks really, really bad on so many levels, but bear with me on this. I can explain. The affects of drinking a hot cup of starbucks is what can help me get through a trip to the Palisades Mall. Being that the mall is so big I need that extra dose of caffeine. But because Starbucks Coffee is so strong I needed to sweeten and dilute it with an a frozen yogurt. The affects of this are that I can get out of the mall unscathed with treasures in my clutches.

Then when the day is almost done and it's time for me to unwind it's best served in the form of a decaf Nespresso Cappuccino topped off with whip cream of course. The affect this has on me is called heaven in a mug. It allows me to unwind after a long day of shopping and stuff.

Blessings, love & Music ~
Ava xox 😀

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2 Responses to What are the affects of drinking coffee

  1. Jim says:

    The cups on your greek family’s table look wonderful. I’ll be they’re a pleasure to drink coffee out of.

    Props also to you for the cans of Chock Full o’ Nuts on your counter. Out here in flyover country the stuff’s a little hard to find but whenever I can find it I buy some.

  2. The Hook says:

    I am almost 42 and I have never drank coffee – ever!

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