Turning a Blind Eye

It breaks my heart to know she was all alone. How could anyone walk by a helpless hurting creature and not do something...

Life, it’s the most amazing gift we are all blessed with.  Each and every day we are faced with choices, these choices help define us.  As little or as big as these choices may seem in the little moments, they effect us.  It can be something as simple as if we decide to floss every day or if we will marry that special person or take a chance on a lifelong dream. 

We make hundreds of choices like this every single day.  The question is will we make the right choice when faced with something that otherwise might seem like a burden?  Will we make a choice to assume someone else will take care of that problem?  Or are we going to stop for a moment and realize that sometimes God the maker of all things puts something in our path for a reason, maybe to test us, or to see where our compass is, or how we are going to react when faced with the uncomfortable choices.  Choices like, will I swallow my pride and apologize to that person I held a grudge against when I cross their path two years later.  Or will I offer to walk with an elderly women I don’t even know across a street instead of making it home in time to watch the game.  Or what about when you arrive at a dumpster and find an abandoned dog who is covered in dirt, full of fleas and matted hair.  Will you just turn a blind eye and hope someone else will be inconvenienced or will you take that moment to realize, “this dog is here for me to care for.  This dog is created by God and is suffering.  Maybe God put this dog here so I can care for it and find it a better home.”  Or will you turn a blind eye on this blind dog?

I ask because many of you know the Greek Girl loves & adores animals.  There are very few things that upset me more than to see something so heartbreaking happen to a helpless animal.  Some people argue that they are just animals and it doesn’t matter.  But I have to argue that God made that dog for a reason.  That dog is His creation and the decision to walk by and ignore it is an expression of your character and God sees everything we do.

What are you talking about Greek Girl, that is nonsense?  I am a good person and I just don’t like dogs or am afraid of them.  Someone else who is better suited to care for them will come along and help!  Sorry, but you can’t be more wrong.  It’s like the clerk behind the counter who is working three jobs to support her family and is not smiling because everyone is mean to her.  Then you come up and have a choice to be mean and dismissive or offer her a smile that can brighten her day.  Or the man you are angry with that is in the waiting area allowing his kids to run around crazy may just be oblivious because it’s the only way he can allow his kids to deal with their dying mom in the hospital.  You see things aren’t always what they seem, and how we chose to react matters. 

I bring all of this up because I was moved to tears when I learned about Fiona.  Fiona is a sweet and amazing girl.  She is a precious creation of God’s and she was abandoned in a dumpster.  Two amazing people gave their time and money to help her in her time of need.  When they found Fiona she was dark gray and covered in matted hair with a terrible flea infestation.  Not only that but she was 100% blind in both eyes.  Now because two people were willing to be inconvenienced they were able to give this little girl a new life, and a new beginning.  It’s kind of like how God sees us.  He sees us as lost in a dark and cold world.  So He sent his one and only Son to die for us in order to give us life and salvation.  Yet so often so many are left in the wilderness like Fiona, until one day you may come across that lost soul and help bring them up out of life’s dumpster.  The amazing thing is the vet was able to bring back her sight in one eye.  Just like Fiona and God’s children we too were once blind but now we can see.  So why is it so many of us don’t see what God is trying to do when God puts life’s Fiona’s in our path? 


Fiona once was blind and now she can see because someone didn’t turn a blind eye.  Because someone took the time to do something.  Please watch this amazing story about the beauty and the love expressed in a simple act of selfless sacrifice by this amazing couple who took the time to help.  After you watch this video please take the time to learn more about Audrey and Eldad Hagar, their organization and what they are doing to help God’s hurting creatures.


Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo



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  1. Ava I loved loved loved that. Xx

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