Battle of the Hudson

and the Blood Feud continues…

So it’s like 82 degrees outside today I’m walking around in my flip flops, and I just realized that the NHL playoffs (which are on ice BTW) are still going on.  What’s worse is with such a busy and hectic schedule the Greek Blonde Girl didn’t even realize her two favorite teams are playing each other in the semi-finals.

How can that be you may be wondering?  You can’t possibly like both the NY Rangers “and” the NJ Devils.  It’s like this, when you’re a little greek girl aspiring to be a Big Rock Star, you gotta start somewhere; and this little rocker chick got her start singing National Anthems.  Living in and around the Tri-State NYC area gives one a plethora of Professional Sports teams to choose from.  So much so that for some sports, there are even two teams to sing for.  Who said a girl has to choose though? wink wink… Yup I have a longstanding relationship with – both – the NY Rangers – and – the NJ Devils.

So what’s a girl to do?  There are a few games left before this thing is all said an done, and I have to root for someone.  I just feel like a cheater, if I start to root for one, then I have flashbacks of singing the National Anthem at the other one.  I think about all the nice people on the staff who have always been so kind, and all of the great seats to all of the exciting games I have had the blessing to attend and the guilt sets in.

I could flip a coin?…  naahhh  Maybe I’ll just root for whoever gets to the finals (which is so not Greek of me to not pick a side and trust me we Greeks know about “blood feuds”, we invented em’ along with windex and a whole bunch of other stuff).  It’s just no matter which team wins it will still be one of my two favorite teams, and both will be able to clean house on whoever wins from the LA Kings or the Phoenix Coyotes.

Of all the Professional Sports, personally I think hockey is the hardest.  Not only do you have to have insane cardiovascular endurance, but you have to skate on ice at ridiculous fast speeds.  Then there’s a whole bunch of giant guys all chasing after the little puck you are trying to get and then push it into the net at the other end of the arena.  Oh and there’s this little matter of another guy standing guard to prevent you from putting the puck into the net.  Not the easiest thing in the world.  Plus it’s dangerous… seriously.  Just thinking about it makes me get goose bumps.  I love pretty much everything about hockey.  The sound of the blades on the ice, the organ going dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah, the smell of the popcorn in the arena, the pretzels with mustard, and then when the zamboni comes along in between periods to smooth the ice all over and make it like glass.

Yup, hockey is awesome.  No matter who ends up in the finals, blondie over here will not forget this time.  I’ll be watching, popcorn in my hot little hands, with cups of happiness galore.  Who knew?  You probably thought the Greek Girl thought the Stanley Cup was a special kind of cup for drinking coffee out of, didn’t ya?  ;D

Enjoy the finals, have a beautiful day!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox 

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