A New Greek Phone Hacking Scandal

Many bloggers spend countless hours upon hours trying to figure out the best way to get more eyeballs on the words they write. After all, what’s the use of writing a blog unless a lot of other people are reading it?

So, give the Greek blonde girl, (yours truly) some credit for possibly coming up with a brilliant new way of developing current topics for my blog. Yep, I decided to go Rupert Murdoch on a bunch of famous people and start hacking their cell phones!

I’m not sure what I would write for each post, but here are some of the cell phones I hacked and some of the conversations I overheard during my hacking:

Mark Zuckerberg- Called Bank of America and complained. He thought there was possible fraud on his checking account. Mark said he is missing about $5 Billion dollars from his account in the last few days.

Danica Patrica – Called Yoko Ono and said, “I am more popular than the Beatles!”

Barack Obama – Called Allied Van Lines and asked for a quote for a move from Washington D.C. to Chicago. When the moving company asked if he had a date in mind for the move, Mr. Obama said, “Shortly after November.”

New York Mayor Bloomberg – Called 7-11 and said they need to change the name of their signature hotdogs. he said he won’t allow them to be called “Big Bites.”

Phillip Phillips – Called Rolling Stone magazine and asked if they wanted an interview with him? They asked him, “Who are you?” Phillip told them that he was the most recent winner of American Idol. The reporter at Rolling Stone told him that they quit writing about the winners on American Idol after their story on Kris Allen in 2009. Phillip said, “Kris Allen? Who’s that?” The reporter said, “Exactly!”

Mr. Bricks – Called the McDonald’s headquarters and complained that the McRib wasn’t on the menu anymore. They apologized to him for the inconvience and told him that some fat man, with googly eyes, in Hollywood, ate them all. Mr. Bricks said, “Well technically, I have only one eye that googles.”

Bethenny Frankel- Called the Governor of Wyoming and told him that she had just bought the entire state of Wyoming. And when the Governor asked Bethenny why Wyoming, she said, “She was bored, wanted to spend some money and besides, it wasn’t as expensive as Rhode Island.”

Kim Kardashian –  Called Kanye West and asked if he thought that her cell phone made her butt look fat? Kanye responded, “Yes, but that’s Ok, because I like a 4g Butt.”

OK, maybe I really didn’t hack into anyone’s cell phone… but hey at least I was able to create another blog post, and probably made ya laugh!  Score one for the Greek girl.

Blessings, Love & Music ~


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