Going for the Gold

Are you going for the gold….?

After much hullabaloo it seems the official start of the Olympics is finally “almost” upon us.  No one could be more excited then the Greek Blonde girl, I mean competition runs in my blood.  I’m GREEK, Hello we invented the Olympics.

Although I never really realized it until I was an adult that probably explains my love for all things athletic, and my love for sneakers of course.  I’ve always been super competitive, love the thrill of sports, and have always had the eye of the tiger when it comes to pushing myself past imaginary physical limits set in my mind.  The Olympics are so exciting for me, because you can literally see the incredible things the human body can do when a person sets his or her mind and most importantly their “will” to accomplish something.

All the way back from the original Olympic games in Athens, to Jesse Owens reigning at the top in Berlin in 1936, to the unbelievable Ethiopian Marathon runner who ran barefoot in 1960 in Rome, to the USA Basketball Dream Team in Barcelona in 1992, all the way up to Michael Phelps in 2004… the Summer Olympics are sure to produce moments that will live on forever.

It leads me to wonder though.  Sure athletes spend an entire lifetime working and training in order to go for the gold.  But what are we as everyday people working and striving towards?  Are we going for the gold, or are we just skating by?  I ask this only because it seems like in our society today many people are glorifying many things that I would not consider to be gold.

We as a society glorify mediocre pop stars, actors, movies full of negative themes, sensor almost everything to make sure it does not “offend” any one race, religion, or sexual orientation.  We have taken God out of our workplace, schools, and anyplace else it might be able to “offend” anyone.  It is clear to see the disastrous results doing so has done to our character.

Exactly what are we telling future generations and the Olympians of tomorrow?  What kind of message does it send?  Hard work?… Why work when you can have everything Now?  Everyone gets a prize for “participation”.  There are no “losers” in life, right? Reality shows can make you famous for literally any reason at all except for actually having any talent whatsoever, and that hard work isn’t necessary.  Just have a sad backstory, and dress as sexy as humanly possible no matter how young you are, and you can have and get whatever you want.  People, I gotta tell you, there are days anymore when I seriously want to grab my fur~babies and hide under the blankets.  The world is getting crazier and crazier by the day.

Personally I feel it’s time for a cultural revolution.  I long for the days when people were actually going for the gold each and every day in their lives.  When people did the right thing even when no one was looking.  When people helped and lifted each other up regardless if there were a “benefit” in doing so.

With that being said, I’d like offer a challenge to my blog reader’s.  To consider the coming Olympics a chance to take a stand against mediocrity.  Be a reminder to people around you that anything worth having takes hard work, that hard work is and should be rewarded.  That not everything in life is or should be instant.  To go for the gold each and every single day in our own lives.  To be the light and the difference in someone else’s life, to do the right thing, and for goodness sake… keep your dang clothes on! 😉

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 🙂 xox

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