What Would You Do

$305 Million, that’s a lot of dough ~ I’m in!

So it happened again.  What am I yapping about now?  The Powerball Jackpot of course!  No one hit the jackpot for the last drawing, and this has been going on for a while now.  That means that the Greek Girl can buy more tickets with the $8 winnings I had from my last two tickets and continue to ponder what I will do with all the loot if I win the next drawing…

1. Donate boatloads and boatloads of moola to my favorite charities: The ASPCA, The Progeria Research Foundation, The JDRF Foundation, Operation First Response, and The Machine Gun Preacher Ministry in Africa (that’s a blog for another day).

2. Pay off my moms house and set her up so she never has to work again, then randomly hand out cash to strangers.  Because it really is so much better to give than to receive.
Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the joy on someone’s face when you have really helped them.

3. Start my own dang Record Label!  Record a new album, buy a tour bus, go out on tour, and produce an entire season of “Ava The Diva” Cartoons and have them broadcast on Network TV.

4. Sneakers, buy more sneakers… because a girl can never have too many pairs of sneakers.  Sneakers for me, my family, friends, and anyone else who needs a pair who just so happens to be around. 😉

5. Start an hotel chain that is pet friendly in all locations, because fur-babies need to travel too.

6. Send Mr. Bricks to a Opthamologist to do something about that lazy eye of his…

7. Buy a strip mall and fill it with my favorite things. A Dunkin Donuts, a Starbucks (hey – it’s MY Strip mall I can have as much coffee in it as I want), a Greek Diner, a Sneaker Store, a Kohls, a Pizza joint, an Animal Rescue/Adoption Center, a Petco, a good Sushi joint, a movie theatre, and anything else that my little Greek heart desires.   

8. Buy a Bumble Bee Camaro… you had to know that was coming, didn’t you? 😉 Well if you’ve been reading my blog long enough you would.

9. Hire all of my favorite fitness trainers and rotate them throughout the year… Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, Bob Harper, Jackie Warner, Brett Hoebel, and Billy Blanks.

10. Give my sweetie all the dough he needs to produce all of his movie and TV show scripts, better look out Spielberg! 😉

Just a few of the things I would do if I win the Powerball Jackpot.  So, what would you do?…  Don’t forget to get your ticket – cause like the ad says… “All you need is a dollar and a dream (well for Powerball it’s actually $2, but hey who’s counting.)  Good Luck!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 🙂 xox

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1 Response to What Would You Do

  1. Todd Pack says:

    My wife has threatened to divorce me if I ever win the lottery, because she believes coming into hundreds of millions of dollars all at once only leads to trouble. I said OK, that with $305 million, I could buy a new wife. She didn’t think this was funny.

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