TDI Actually is Love

VW means – People Wagon. I just call it, love. It doesn’t hurt that their logo is the same color as the Greek Flag either. 😉

Some of you may remember that about this time last year my sweetie and I were in a really bad car accident.  We were hit from the rear while stopped at a stop-light in upstate NY.  The SUV that hit us was going about 50 mph.  Unfortunately the accident totaled my VW Jetta, RIP “Johnny Jetta”.

The thing that sucked more than the pain in the neck, back and everything else was that I had just spent over two months trying to find the perfect Certified Preowned Jetta.  Being the Greek schootch (that’s slang for cheap) that I am, I had to make sure it was “Certifed Pre-Owned”.  Then I would get the balance of the factory warranty plus an additional 2 yr. 24,000 miles added on top of the Factory Warranty, now that is using my noggin.  I had to get it in Blue – of course – with tinted windows – so no-one sees me when I roll into town and it had to be a 5-speed because that’s just how I roll.  Finding “Johnny Jetta” was like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Sure there are a lot of used cars out there, but finding just the right one, certified, with low low miles, no dings or scratches with all the stuff… now that’s another animal all together.

Since the accident we’ve been going around with just my husbands VW Jetta.  Since we were racking up the miles like mad – two people with one car and appointments all over the Tri-State area, you can imagine “Jillian Jetta” needed a break.  Thank goodness the one that wasn’t totaled in the accident was a TDI.  For the novice car guru TDI means Turbo Diesel Injection.  So, since they don’t make my dream car the Camaro in a TDI just yet, the next best thing is pretty much anything with the word Turbo in it’s name.  It doesn’t hurt that we get over 40 mpg in this bad-boy either.  We can drive from NY to Florida on two tanks of gas… Hello! 

Since we’re now finally getting things back in order I felt it was time to venture out and get on with finding a new car.  I was reluctant at first but realized it was becoming essential.  So what did I do you are wondering?  Well, I went straight online to find what else?  A TDI.  But not just any TDI but a Certified, dark gray, black interior, 5-speed Jetta TDI Sportwagon.  Hold it right there.  Yes, I said Sportwagon.  What do you expect when I am constantly on the road from gig to gig and when in my spare time I am taking roadtrips to Florida or rescuing a dog here and there, and have 4 dogs of my own to cart around.  It helps to have the extra room.

Now imagine this, with gas prices hitting over $5 a gallon in places like California it helps to have not one – but two VW Jetta TDI’s that both get over 40mpg.  46 mpg on the highway in the new one to be exact… To make a very long story short.  We were all set to go pick up the new Certified Pre-owned TDI when we were visiting my mom.  She had to see what a “Jetta-Sportwagon” looked like, since she could not imagine me driving one.  So we visited the local dealer, and they were having an anniversary sale.  It wasn’t two seconds of being there that my honey saw that green sale sign hanging from the dash.

We ended up getting a brand new one, a 2013 with 6 miles on it straight off the truck for $500 more than the Certified Pre Owned one we were just about to buy.  The only compromise was this one is it’s an automatic and it was not my first choice in color.  So on my first outing on the highway it got over 46 mpg and drives amazing.

We have a word for this in the Greek Language… it is love.

All I can say is, I just do not know why every car manufacturer does not make TDI’s.  In my Greek coconut, VW Rules.  There is nothing like the comforting sound of the thud when you close the door.  You’re in, you’re safe, there’s about eight airbags for crying out loud, and the best part… 46 mpg.  Just sayin.

Have a beautiful day!

Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava 😀 xox

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