Here We Go Again

“Pepe” Day one, just after I shaved him down… he was a matted mess.

Most people who have read my blog for any length of time at all, or who follow me on facebook know I am an animal nut.  I swear there is some secret code in animal language that goes something like this… “If you are lost, lonely or hurt, go find that Ava lady.  She’ll take you in.”

It’s funny, I was talking to my doctor the other day and I mentioned that I sometimes do animal rescue.  He replied “Oh, so does that mean you wrangle them?”  I had to laugh… my reply: “Oh yeah I wrangle them all right.”  Flashback about eight years ago in Los Angeles with my then boyfriend now husband got caught up in that very thing.  Now, picture this, we’re driving down Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Hollywood and a little dog darts out in front of us.  He’s not wearing a collar and this proceeds to go on for a bit.  Of course I pull over and do what else? Proceed to wrangle him.  Turns out, another couple had pulled over as well and had been trying to save the little guy for about an hour.  In comes Greek Girl (I’m like the dog whisperer Cezar Milan, only I do it in Greek.)

Long story short, after two hours and a lot of coaxing, we got him.  Wrapped him up in a blanket and took him to the vet.  He was a very cute little Chihuahua Mix.  I would have kept him, however he was twice the size of my #1 Pekingese Princess “Pookie” & my Maltese “Itty Bitty” who only weighs 4lbs soaking wet.  So I found the little guy a sanctuary in the valley, where they try to place the dogs.  However if they are not able, they can stay forever.

There have been a good number of dog wrangling episodes since then, most recently “Rufus” the Pug on a trip to Florida.  The fur-babies had just gotten over their torture of another dog coming into their home when their momma Ava aka “Dog Wrangler” hears about a little Pekingese in the kill shelter in NYC.  The lady who runs the local Pekingese Rescue where my fur-baby “BoBo” came from contacted me.  See she has an agreement with shelters, if they get a Pekingese in, they contact her.  Well she was all full, and wondered if I could go get him and foster him.  What could I say?  Well it’s 3 hours before the first Presidential debate (ov vey) I say “Sure no problem”.  So off to Harlem I go to Animal Care and Control to rescue “Prince”, which has been changed to “Pepe”.

Not really sure what his story is… because people are crazy.  You never really know if anything they say on the intake forms is true in a surrender case.  Supposedly they had him eight years…  moved someplace that didn’t allow pets and had to give him away.  Greek Girl isn’t buying it.  First off, that is just not an excuse.  I would live in a box on the street homeless if I had to in order to keep my dogs.  If I had to move, I would never move where they do not allow animals.

What most people don’t realize is that when you make a comittment to an animal, it is for life.  Not for fun until you get bored.  Because then people like me have to come in and clean up the mess.  Dogs and cats give unconditional love.  All they want is a safe, quiet place to lay down and to love us.  They need us.

So this dog “Pepe” he is like a puppy… and not neutered.  Nothing makes me madder.  When he went to the vet the next day to be neutered, the vet said he is about 6 at most.  Anyway he was neutered, all checked over and back at the Aston house for just about a week now.  He has recovered from his trip to the vet.  Not sure how long it’s going to take to get him to chill out.  If he starts to fit in with my little pack, he is welcome to stay.  However if he keeps acting like Kujo out of nowhere, he will have to be adopted out by the Rescue.  Plus my 4 fur-babies are really not cooperating.  It’s like they have not decided yet if they are going to let him into the club.  They keep giving me the “when is he leaving mom?” glare.

See… the other Pekingese will not even let him on the bed with them. Meanies.

It sure has been a fun filled week, although I have spent most of my time seeing what it’s like to be a vet tech.  He is on antibiotics from getting Kennel Cough from the shelter, all my four are on different medicine from getting Kennel cough from him.  I have to give them all different medicine.  Pepe 2 times, and my other four fur-babies get their medicine 3 times a day, and they all get cough medicine 2 x’s a day. Add that to the trips to potty, and special meals I whip up for them all, it is a wonder I have any time to do any music, or workout for that matter.  It’s a good thing I like coffee…

After 10 Days in the Aston House…

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox

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2 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. tiallarising says:

    Oh my goodness, he is so cute! Too bad your other dogs aren’t quite sure about him…I hope they warm up to him soon! He’s way too cute not to keep. 😉


  2. The Hook says:

    These pics are beyond cute!

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