To Be or Not To Be

To Be, Or Not To Be… Blonde or Brown?  That is the question…

Hi, my name is Ava Aston, I am Greek.  No, I am not kidding.  Yes, this is my real hair – I just color it.  What am I talking about?  Well, it seems a lot of people don’t realize or even think it is possible for me to be Greek when they are first introduced to me.  For some reason people always ask me, “Are you Russian?” or “Are you from Germany?” then I just look at them with a slanted glare and exclaim, “No, I am Greek!” Paidimou…  (that means “my child” in Greek) Like they should have known this information.

So why am I sharing this amazing tid-bit with you today?  Well, I figured it would be best if I finally cleared the air of any confusion.  When I was a little Greek Girl my dad used to take me and my sister to the local Greek school.  There we would learn all sorts of things about our Greek heritage.  That is where I learned we invented many great things like Coffee, Politics, Drama, Music, Olympics and lets not forget the Windex.  So, if any of you know me, you know right away just by my behavior that I must be Greek just based off of these simple facts.  Here, let me prove it.  I can’t live without coffee, seeing as I have 3 coffee machines at home.  I love to argue politics  especially with any uninformed liberal in New York.  I am always overly dramatic especially when I am hungry, and I like acting on camera too.  Don’t forget I am first and foremost a singer and I love to work out and wear sneakers.  Last but not least, I am OCD when it comes to keeping my house clean, that would explain the Windex.  So, it would be clear to anyone just by a simple observation that through calculated deductive reasoning I must be Greek, despite my Blonde hair.

I feel some new characters coming on for my Politichicks video parodies…

Now in an effort to tap into my Greek roots and dispel any doubt about the issue I took a trip down to the mall.  There I found what else…?  A wig store! Yep.  So I decided to go put on a brown wig and show you all just how Greek I really am.  Once you see me in the brown hair – the color that God gave me, you will know I am in fact truly Greek.  But wait you say… “What about the blue eyes???”  Okay, like I was saying earlier.  When we went to Greek school we also were made fun of because we had blue eyes and light skin tone unlike most of the kids there.  When my sister and I came home crying, our dad explained something very important.  He said, “The real Greeks came from the north.  They were Dorian and they all had light hair and blue eyes.  The only reason they got the dark skin and the dark eyes is because…. (raising his voice and pointing finger on the table) they mixed with the Turks!”

Now I know what you are wondering… “Why do I even bother dying my hair since it looks good both ways?” Well, I do it because like any girl and Bobby Brown said, “It’s My Prerogative” and I like it like that.  No I’m not going to dye my hair brown Mr. Bricks if you are reading, so step away from the McRib please.  Just wanted to ask my blog readers – So what do you think?  To be or not to be… Blonde or Brown?

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo 🙂 

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1 Response to To Be or Not To Be

  1. tiallarising says:

    I think you look really good both ways!! Blonde looks great – and of course, I’m used to seeing you as a Blonde, but you look really good as a brunette as well. I loved – because they mixed with the Turks!! Your whole story about going to Greek school totally reminded me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Love it! 😀


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