Why Should I Care

if you don't care... someone else will and you may not like the results.

if you don’t care… someone else will and you may not like the results.  just sayin’

Well you probably shouldn’t.  Especially if you like all the crap that passes for entertainment these days.  I mean if it makes you giddy to know the umpteenth season of Kardashian’s is about to start… then it’s probably a good idea to just stick your head in the sand and roll with the dumbing down of our society.

What’s wrong Greek Girl?  You seem kind of sarcastic this week you might be thinking.  Well, to be honest I am, and I am also mad.  Mad as heck.  Why?  Well because I know a lot of people who do not like what they see in entertainment today.  They are tired of watching mediocre talent be rewarded for acting like lunatics.  People go to rehab, great give them another movie role.  Arrested for drugs, or battery?… hey give them a Grammy.

Anyone see a problem here?  Is it just me?  No it’s not.  I hear it, I see it and in my coconut for the life of me I can not figure out why on earth if people do not like what they see, they why are they watching it?  Why support things that are not in line with your values?  I’m not talking about boycotting everything or company that you do not necessarily agree with.  Because that could get pretty lonely and boring.  After all we can not just go crawl under a rock to hide from everything we do not believe in.

What I am saying is, if people want to see a change in society, then they need to realize the culture needs to be changed.  In order to change the culture you need to change the narrative.  If you want to change the narrative and what you see going on in the world, then you need take control of it by supporting the things in entertainment that fall in line with your values.  It is that simple.  Hollywood has been doing it for years now and for whatever reason the people of this country act like sheep and just go along with it.

I guess what it all boils down to is that we all see the fabric of our society being attacked left and right.  So what do we do?  Well we turn on the TV, we tune in to the radio and buy the concert tickets and re-tweet the very junk that is destroying our culture.  What most people don’t get is that our culture is what is shaping us and drives our politics that run our country.  So, in turn, we are left with a government that is corrupt, leaders we can’t trust and role-models who we should be ashamed of not rewarded.

Okay, take this for example.  As many of you may know I am in a songwriting contest for my song, “I Carry You With Me”.  It was written about the loss of a loved one and has helped  a lot of people deal with grief and loss.  I’m an artist who desires to be a positive role-model who wants to share a positive message and be an inspiration to help lift people up.  However being an independent artist without the help of a record label I have limited resources to do so.  I’m not complaining by any means, just explaining why I entered the contest since the grand prize is $100k.  Hey – Greek Girl’s money tree hasn’t sprouted yet if you know what I mean and $100k would sure go a long way towards my musical goals.

Well, yesterday I posted about the contest and was attacked for asking for support from the very people I felt would most value my cause as an artist.  This shocked the Greek Girl.  It made me wonder What in the Heck in the World is wrong with this picture?  Here you have a hardworking artist trying to be the very thing this guy supposedly is fighting to support. Yet when faced with the choice to actually support it he attacks it.  All I was asking for was a vote, that is free.  Call me confused.  What’s worse is he is just one of many.  There are a lot more like him.  These people are angry at what they see and the direction our country is going but for whatever reason find it perfectly okay to continue supporting the very thing that is at the root of our demise.

Don’t take my word for it.  The other day by a dear friend of mine, popular writer/blogger Daria Degiovanni wrote a wonderful blog about this very thing.  It’s a blog that talks about why it’s so valuable for like-minded people to support one-another especially when it comes to shaping our culture through mainstream media and entertainment. http://www.dariadigiovanni.com/vote-for-ava-aston/

All I am saying is, Why should you care?  In the end, if you don’t want real change in the narrative that drives our culture then don’t support me.  For that matter don’t support anyone who is fighting to change our country with our values, morals and sensibility.  Or, take a stand and make a difference by supporting artists like myself and others like me.  We NEED your support.  It’s not just me, there are a lot of us but for whatever reason it’s not “cool” to do so.  But in the off chance you want to take a minute out of your day and help the Greek Girl win that songwriting contest and move me closer to the goal of helping shape the narrative that will help move our country back to where it once was, well then go to: http://www.veewall.com/vocals/video/avaaston and follow these simple steps.

– Register for a Free account
– Confirm your registration (check spam folder – could end up there)
– Then vote.  You can vote once per day through April 29th.

It would be wonderful to win as it will enable me to continue to share my music and message with the world.  Thank you very much for your support 😀

Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xo

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