A good story is a timeless and beautiful thing to enjoy and share.

A good story is a timeless and beautiful thing to enjoy and share.

Well here I am plopped on my couch watching the Oscars.  Are you really surprised? I mean I am Greek… We did invent “Acting” remember?  That along with the windex, politics and good food of course.

So it’s got me to thinking about the whole process.  The glitz, the glam, who gets nominated, who doesn’t.  Whose wearing what and whom.  Who is so and so’s date and on and on…  We all know so much of what goes on Oscar night boils down to a popularity contest.  Yet there are so many amazing stories that because of popularity do not get the attention they deserve.  So many stories yet unseen, and even more stories who are yet untold.

There are screenplays from countless storytellers from all over the world that are waiting to come to life.  Not only that but the world is full of great storytellers.  Almost everything we experience on a daily basis is a story.  Not just the movies, but TV, animation, music, blogs, newspapers, and magazines.  Stories are everywhere.

We have such a strong connection to stories.  Really who doesn’t want their life to be like a story?  The good guy wins, gets the girl, and the dog finds his way home again.  If only life were that simple.  Stories help us to find our way through life through the good times and the bad.  And the greatest storyteller of all… Jesus.

He used stories to tell us how we are to live and how to navigate through this life according to his plan and purpose for us.  It was his primary message of communicating with us and delivering God’s message.  Modern theatre was birthed from the Church (the Greek one of course – the “Correct Church” that is – LOL) ;D Think about it…  That is why most churches are designed in the way they are.  The pastor is telling a story, conveying a message and most times the choir helps drive home that message with songs, that also tell stories.  Which is ironic because that very industry (the film industry) was birthed from the church, and it is doing everything it can to keep God out of it.

Geeze… it’s a good thing there are people like me ;D Who desire to tell stories using my talents through music and acting that invoke thinking and promote morals, values and yes even Godliness into our Pop Culture and into society.  Yes I said it that bad word that might possibly offend someone “Godliness”.  The best part is, I’m not alone.  There are so many amazingly talented artists out there who create and produce thought provoking stories that are also funny and entertaining.

At the end of the day… isn’t that what we all want anyway?  To be inspired and to smile… I will say that the entire cast of Les Miserables singing the finale song on stage – that sure did make Greek Girl smile.

Ava 😀 xox

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