Come to Cuba

Everybody's doing it, dontcha' know...

Everybody’s doing it, dontcha’ know…

So I open up my Yahoo a few weeks ago and see a photo of her Highness and hubby yucking it up in Cuba.  I actually almost spit my hot cup of happiness a la Dunkins onto my laptop.  The photos looked as if they were doing a Cuba Tourism ad.  What’s wrong with that you might be thinking?  I mean we are talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z, everything they touch turns to gold.

They are good and upstanding people, a wife, a mother, pop stars, a clothing mogul, and they are besties with The Obama’s.  They should be able to go anywhere they want for their anniversary, right?

This is the message the mainstream media would like you to believe.  Honestly if I didn’t know better, I would begin to wonder if the screws in my noggin were coming lose.  Thankfully my parents raised me to use that thing in between my ears, and any American with even a half an ounce of intelligence no matter which way they lean politically knows what the problem with Cuba is.

Um, HELLO… there is this little thing called “The United States Embargo Against Cuba”.  Which has been in effect since October 1960, long before those two numbskulls were even thought of.  Honestly I don’t think they would know what to do with a brain if they had a place to put one.

Let’s see, you’re living your dream, worth a gazillion dollars (roughly $775 Million Dollars to be exact), have the ability to touch and influence so many people.  And what do you chose to do?  Visit a country that is run by a dictator where the people live in utter poverty.  So much so that they have risked their lives for decades trying to escape to America, crossing shark infested waters on barges for crying out loud! Just ask Marco Rubio, and these two think it’s a good idea to make it the destination for their Fifth Wedding Anniversary.  Anyone see the problem here?

Why is it that so many ultra wealthy entertainment celebrities think Socialism, Communism, and Marxism is so stinking cool?  Poor Sean Penn, he’s probably still in mourning over Hugo Chavez’s death.  The irony is these hypocrites seem to have no problem with Capitalism working to build their business or brand and be the catalyst that made them what they are today.  For anyone else though, that’s not acceptable.  We have to share the wealth.  Give me a break!

In all seriousness there are questions that need to be answered.  Who approved this trip?  Besides the Human Rights Violations, there’s a long list of why any American should and would know better NOT to travel to Cuba for a Vacation!

According to the U.S. Department of State: “Cuban Assets Control Regulations are enforced by the U.S. Treasury Department and affect all U.S. citizens and permanent residents wherever they are located, all people and organizations physically located in the United States, and all branches and subsidiaries of U.S. organizations throughout the world. Regulation does not limit travel of U.S. citizens to Cuba per se, but it makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to have transactions (spend money or receive gifts) in Cuba, under most circumstances. Since even paying unavoidable airfare ticket taxes into a Cuban airport would violate the transaction law, it is impossible for ordinary tourists to visit Cuba without breaking the monetary transaction rule.

The regulations require that persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction be licensed in order to engage in any travel-related transactions pursuant to travel to, from, and within Cuba. Transactions related solely to tourist travel are not licensable.”

So tell me because enquiring minds want to know… How exactly did his and her highness get to Cuba… Osmosis?  Never mind get a “license” to travel to Cuba for Tourist purposes?  That is unless they have become students or religious missionaries, or one of the other exceptions that Obama opened up in 2011.  Could it be perhaps that their new bestie had someone in the Department of State wave the “Magic Obama Pen” and make it happen?

They are very good at “preaching” fairness.  Everyone must be held accountable to the same standards, blah blah, yada, yada…  Question is, do they walk the walk or just talk the talk?

I for one have never been a fan of Beyonce, or Jay-z.  Not only because of this latest public display with an episode of “we can do whatever we want” but because I am morally opposed to the themes and messages in their music.  Especially her latest Pepsi commercial, which is chock full of Satanic themes, as well as witchcraft/the occult.

It does bring to light though the equally important issue people are faced with.  Pop Culture is a big machine run primarily by the ultra left.  The majority of mainstream Film, TV, and Music figures today love and adore Obama.  Even Kelly Clarkson succumbed to pressure from her twitter followers backing down from her original support for Ron Paul and ended up supporting Obama.  I find it sad when people are afraid to “think” for themselves and let others do it for them.

The fact is, a large portion of Americans are uninformed voters.  They pay more attention to Pop Culture than they do to politics.  What they don’t realize is these pop icons are contributing to the disintegration of society.  They see their favorite movie, TV, or music star, Matt Lauer on “The Today Show” and all the others drooling over Obama in the media, and think he must not be that bad, then end up thinking Anyone who doesn’t is a nut job.

What am I saying?  What I’m saying is, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.  Stop feeding the hand that bites you.  If you don’t like what you see happening in the country morally, socially and economically, then you can do something.  Stop buying products from these self-absorbed mind numb pop icons that support things that you oppose.  Start buying and supporting the work of people who are creating and promoting works via pop culture that do share your values.  Doing do will start to prop up those creating values based projects, and ultimately change the tide.

When people stop buying, listening to and watching the music, films, and TV shows starring those pop icons, then eventually their celebrity will dry up.  No one wants to hire a person who is not selling.  No it won’t happen overnight.  Why on earth would you want to buy products from people who are using their celebrity and fiancés to support things you are opposed to?  Just makes no sense.  It’s a giant machine with a lot of little working parts.  When little parts start to break down, eventually the entire machine will stop working and need to be fixed.

This is where we are today folks.  Our society is morally broken; the values being celebrated are in the toilet.  We have to make special rules and provisions for homosexuals and Muslims, yet at the same time we cannot say the word “God” or we will offend someone.  We had a half naked Beyonce dancing like a stripper on a pole flashing the illuminati sign at the Super bowl, and now we have His & Her Highness doing a publicity stunt practically doing a tourism ad for Cuba.  It’s time to Stop the insanity.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

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