True Story

This is what a Fur-kid in the midst of a nervous breakdown due to Thunderstorm looks like...

This is what a Fur-kid in the midst of a nervous breakdown due to Thunderstorm looks like…

Did you know that some fur-kids turn into little gremlins during thunder storms? Neither did I.  And I thought I knew everything there was to know about fur-kids, being that I have five of them.  See when I was growing up my mom had a boarding kennel, as well as raising and showing Collies and Sheltland Sheepdogs (which looks like a Miniature Collie for anyone who doesn’t know what one is).

Those who have been reading my blog a while may remember that back in the fall the Aston doggie clan grew by one when we rescued “Pepe” from the Harlem Kill shelter in NYC.  We were supposed to just be “fostering” him for the local Pekingese Rescue where one of my other fur-kids “BoBo” came from until he could find a forever home.  That was until we went there and jail-broke him from the shelter and I scooped him up in my arms. We saw how abused and scarred he was.  We could not let him go and decided to keep him.  No one in their right mind was going to put up with his biting, trust and other issues.  It wasn’t his fault his previous owner was a moron and hurt him.  He needed someone patient to help him work through all his little quirks.  So WE meaning me decided the only way to keep him safe was to keep him.  Then I had to tell Mr. Aston “honey we’re getting another dog”.  Meanwhile who could blame him for thinking about how to put me in the trashcan along with all the five fur-kids.  Just kidding.

Since then it’s been a long seven months, and at times we call even him “Pepe-Laden” if you get my drift… Most of the bad behaviors are gone, although he does slice and dice a finger or two when he’s in the mood.  He has never bit me though, ever.  Just last week he even went after the neighbor because he does not like cigarettes and the neighbor was smoking while making sudden movements towards him.  Which is not the smartest thing to do especially since we told our neighbor about the situation multiple times.  “Pepe” had burns all over his little body on him when we got him, from the shape they were we suspect they was cigarette burns.

Anyhow little “Pepe” has made miraculous strides and most of the time he is a happy little mush who just wants to be loved and safe, play with his toys and sleep.  Well durning this rash of wacky weather, our area has been hit with some monster thunderstorms lately.  So picture this, I’m in my office one day doing some social media drinking a hot cup of happiness a la Dunkin’s when “Pepe” decides he is going to hide from the rain and thunder noise on top of the shredder of all places.  I pull him off, once, twice, three, four… and on we went.  After about the tenth time he jumped off and decided it would be a good idea to chase me around the office biting at my feet.

I was wearing shorts and flip fops so I was rightly concerned he might actually get me, so much so that I had to plop a chair down in between us to stop him.  I then ran out of my office yelling like a little girl and shut the door.  I’m standing there on the other side of the door thinking to myself “Greek Girl what in the heck in the world are you doing?!?! – you’re a grown adult and you’re letting a little 14lb dog boss you around”.  Meanwhile before I had ran out, “Punkin” was sitting there looking at this whole thing like “this is total Muckery”.  BTW all the other four fur-kids were left on the other side of that door with “Pepe-Laden”.

So I marched back in there and told him I was not having any of it… then I drugged him.  Yes – I did.  I gave him a “Composure” chew.  No not real drugs silly… I would never do that.  Composure is a natural supplement that contains the active ingredient Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and some other ingredients which promote “balanced behavior” in dogs.  As well as help to calm anxiety.  He was so unhinged I gave him a whole one, the dosage for a big dog.  Sure enough he “calmed down” and went to sleep until the storms passed.

Moral of the story… give “Pepe” a composure “before” storms come next time.  And that my friends is why Greek Girl is not afraid to drug her dog if she needs to.  Remember to get yourself some “Composure” in case your fur-kids get skitzo during a storm.  Hope you have a beautiful day!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox

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