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Justice is blind, or is it?....

Justice is blind, or is it?….

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years you have most likely seen coverage of the Zimmerman, Martin incident and probably more than you wanted to. Don’t you love that about the news, for whatever reason they think that we really want to watch every waking minute of the trial.  I guess they think that a terrible accident is more newsworthy than the trial of a butcher who murdered babies for decades.  Yeah I think it’s a bunch of muckery that they are covering practically every waking minute of the Zimmerman trial, yet until people in new media started jumping up and down people in the news other than a select few on a select few occasions would not even cover the Gosnell Trial.

What’s your point Greek Girl?  Give me a minute people… So I’m just wondering about something.  There is so much pressure from some people in the minority community about “Justice for Trayvon”, everyone from R&B stars to Russell Simmons are tweeting the play by play of the trial on a daily basis.  If one were to go read a twitter feed from one of these people you could come to the conclusion that they think if Zimmerman is not found guilty it is racism.  They seem to have this idea that George Zimmerman (who by the way is a Hispanic “minority” himself) went out one night and shot Trayvon Martin because he was black.  Seriously… anyone who comes to that conclusion after looking at the facts, and timeline is either deaf, blind, or has their eyes blindfolded and ears stuffed full of cotton balls.  The worst part is there are people out there who came to that very conclusion before any facts even came out.  But that couldn’t be “racism” could it?…

Why was it that George Zimmerman was not arrested until forty five days after the incident occurred?  Usually when there is a “murder” the police although they need time to gather evidence, usually make an arrest long before forty five days.  Could it be because they were receiving a ton of pressure and outcry from the black community and felt compelled to charge him rather than deal with the backlash?   This same community who is quick to cry racism directed at it, yet does not acknowledge that their own practices and behavior not only practices racism towards whites and other races, but worse perpetuates the whole idea of racism itself.

Think about it, we have BET (Black Entertainment Television), Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Homes of Color Magazine, Bounce, shall I go on?  What would happen if someone were to say start a TV Network and call it “White Entertainment Television?… No one in their right mind would do that because everyone knows that would be racism.  Hmm… Take for example me little old Greek Girl living and working in and around the NYC Tri-State Area, a culturally diverse place, the melting pot of the world, right?  If anywhere on earth should be accepting and free of racism it’s New York City, right?  Well what would you say if I told you that I can not count how many times I have driven up to the cash lane at the toll booth for the George Washington Bridge and had a black person completely ignore my “Hello, how are you?, Can I please have a receipt?” then hand it to me like I just asked them for their first born child and utter not a word to me or make any eye contact whatsoever despite my tries.  True and it has happened on more occasions than I care to remember.  Is it because the black person working the toll that day hates white people?  Jumping to that conclusion is just about as silly as people jumping to the conclusion that George Zimmerman is a racist is.  More likely he or she working that toll both is having a bad day, has something on their mind, or plain just would rather be somewhere else besides sitting in a little box taking my toll money.

My point is there are people out there who want to take anything that happens and turn it into some form of racism.  This is not only ignorant, but it ends up perpetuating the thing they say they want to end.  I wrote a blog about the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin incident when it first occurred because I was so disturbed by what I was seeing and hearing from people in the media (see blog here) The bottom line is the world is full of good people and bad people in all races, sizes, shapes and colors.  Until we stop the practice of putting people into nice neat little categories, boxes, groups, etc. and seeing people as just that – people, the awful practice of racism on both sides of any issue is not going to stop.

I personally find it appalling that  there are facebook fan pages with the title “Kill George Zimmerman” allowed to be put up, yet people end up in facebook jail for accepting or requesting too many friends?  Really?… Some things going on today are really mixed up and upside down all in the name of political correctness.  What happened that night was a terrible tragedy.  None of us were there.  However expecting George Zimmerman to be convicted of murder because the victim was black is completely absurd.  What would happen if the roles were reversed and Trayvon Martin was white, and George Zimmerman was black and a white entertainment celebrity would have tweeted out the address for George Zimmerman like Spike Lee so ignorantly did?  Why is it the people doing the finger pointing never stop to consider these things?  We have a word for this in the Greek language people, it’s called hypocrisy.

There is an old Greek saying my dad told me  long time ago to illustrate this word: “The camel laughs at the camel in front of him because of the hump on it’s back, and he can’t see the hump on his own back.”  Food for thought people…

Where is the outcry for what happened to Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville, TN on January 7th, 2007?  Where was the outcry for lynching of the black defendants?  Who are Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom you might be wondering?   Exaclty… there was none.  Because what happened wasn’t about “race” it was about bad people doing bad things to innocent people.  This poor couple was, carjacked, kidnapped, robbed, raped, sodomized, sexually mutilated, set on fire and more unspeakable things I will not go onto mention… So where is the justice?  By the way the poor “defendants” had prior criminal records.  Which I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they went onto commit more atrocious crimes.  You see that’s what the bleeding heart liberal mentality leads to.  This convoluted idea that people are not responsible for their wrong actions and choices.  That if a person grows up to be or do something wrong, there has to be a “reason” for it… someone, somewhere had to have wronged that person.  Bleeding hearts have to slap a victim label on anyone and everyone that they can in order to justify their own existence as the bleeding heart do good savior to the poor minority, or person with the victim label.  Which is insulting to the real victims of the world, people like Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

It’s terrible what happened that night where two people so terribly misunderstood what the other’s intentions were.  It is a tragedy that the Martins had to bury their son.  However slapping the label of racism on it is not going to bring Trayvon Martin back, nor give George Zimmerman his life back.

The end of this trial can not come soon enough for me because as I watch the reaction from people it only shows me how very ugly we can be as people on the inside.  It shows me how some people can be such a voice for peace, love, kindness, helping your fellow man, kumbayah and that sort of gobbly goop but when push comes to shove, they can turn on a dime and show their true colors.

I for one am praying for and end to the ugliness.


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