Never Forget

Let us always remember and never forget those we lost on that dreadful day.

Let us always remember and never forget those that were lost.

Every year shortly after my birthday a sadness comes over me.  No not because I turned another year older silly… but because the anniversary of the terrible events that took place on September 11th.  Like everyone else I can remember exactly where I was that day.  I was actually in a Dunkin Donuts in my hometown about to drive back to NYC, as I had been there having a late birthday celebration with family & friends.  For my regular blog readers I’m sure the fact that Greek Girl was in a Dunkin Donuts at the time is absolutely shocking. ;o)

Although twelve years have passed it is something that remains fresh in my mind.  So many innocent people lost their lives and so many families were devastated.  It’s amazing how some in the media will suggest we need to move on or somehow replace the meaning of that dreadful day.  If you ask me, some of the most amazing and poignant moments in any of our lives are days that live in infamy, such as 9/11.  These days need to be burned into our memories so we don’t forget our past and so we can learn for our future.  My hope is that we don’t replace the meaning of 9/11 and that we hold it and revere it as being a day of sacred remembrance.  No matter how hard the media and politically correct try to whitewash the true nature of what really happened that day.

Though it is a small bit on my part, I want to take this time to dedicate my song, “I Carry You With Me” (written about grief & loss) to those who were lost and the loved-ones they left behind.  There is not enough that can be said and only so much the message of a song can bring.  My hope is that someway, somehow through it, one can find comfort in the words and it can bring healing.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo


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