Thank You Al Gore

Al Gore

Thank’s Al. You’re the best, no matter what people say.

So it’s official (well sorta) that Al Gore the great and mighty inventor of the Internet has done it again.  What am I talking about? Well, in case you haven’t been to the Northeast anytime recently it seems that, well based off the climate at least, that Al Gore has cured and fixed the Global Warming issue.  The problem is he did it just a little too much. Instead of balancing things out it seems he went slightly overboard.  Now instead of having a balance with all four seasons here in the Northeast we kind of have been having it all mucked up.  Goes in line with not having a balanced budget, so as a Democrat I guess in a way he’s par for the course and since that’s all Obama does is play golf it works for him.

Well since a little past this time last year we had the start to probably one of the most cold and miserable winters I can remember.  It went on and on and on so long I can’t say I even remember having an actual spring. Then when it came to summer it was like we packed an entire summer’s worth of heat into the month of July.  Then we skipped right into what is now and has been turning into an early and very wet autumn.

Now, anyone who knows this Greek Girl knows I love Autumn more than any other season, but really?  With as many rainy days we had this summer and now this? Hey Al Gore, can you chill out or rather warm up on this whole global warming thing?  It’s like you turned the thermostat to cold and broke the dang thing off.  For crying out loud, the only time I got to put my bathing suit on this year was for an audition.  Now that is bordering on sacrilegious considering I never put my toes in any hot sand once this year let alone go swimming!!!!  What’s even more is I can count the number of iced Dunkin donut coffee’s I have had on one hand.  Which as you know is just bizarre in itself since last year I had like 20 of them every week!

So for this weeks blog I want to focus on my favorite things about the fall since it’s coming so early and well at this pace if I don’t act now before long I will be buried up to my eyeballs in snow drifts.  God knows, if there is one thing this Greek Girl hates more than the current occupant of the White House is too much white stuff on the ground.  No matter how pretty it is, it is dang cold and me and cold just don’t mix, no matter how much olive oil I get in my veins!

1. Pumpkins.  Not only did I name one of my dog’s Punkin’ but one of my favorite things in the whole world is punkin flavored anything: coffee, donuts, pie, cookies and punkin rolls!!

2. Foliage.  If you have never been to the Northeast you have got to come in Autumn.  The magic of watching the trees turn color is one of the most amazing things that you never get sick of even after living here all your life.

3.  Hoodies (aka zip up sweatshirts).  Yes I do wear them almost every day of the year, but I do it all the more in the fall.  They are so much fun, cute and they keep me warm.  Besides I have like 2000 of them, I have to do something with them right?

4. Back to school.  You are too old for school and have no kids Greek Girl?  I know, but that means all the rug-rats that run rampant around town are back in school and I don’t have to be bothered by them 🙂 j/k I loooooove kids…  But no really, it just means Kohl’s is running serious sales and clearance sales like mad.  So bring on the clearance rack please!!!

5. Running.  Not only is it the best feeling in the world when you go for a long run but when you have the crisp autumn air and the foliage to go with it, never mind doing it at magic hour in the fall, is just an amazing thing for me.  Besides, it is just one more reason I can wear my sneakers more.

So there you have it.  My favorite things about this time of year, that is unless Al Gore gets the bright idea and reverse things again and muck’s things up more.  You know, if you ask me, maybe since he is so full of hot air trying to explain how he invented the internet that maybe that is what started the whole global warming thing anyway.  Oh well, one will never know.  Enjoy your punkin pie and have a blessed and safe Autumn.

Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xo 🙂

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