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It’s been a while since I did an update I apologize for that.  Sometimes you just need to marinate for a little bit, and being an artist that goes double.  I posted a brief update and thank you in the Ava Army regarding the Veewall contest results.  Remember “The Ava Army” is the facebook group I started to keep everyone updated daily during the contest.  What?!… You’re not in “The Ava Army” no worries   ( join here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheAvaArmy/ ) However I wanted to take the opportunity now that some time has passed to get perspective and to let everyone who was so supportive for the long contest or even those new to my music know what has been developing.

First I want to thank everyone again who was with me during that long process.  Many of you took time out every day to vote for me the entire contest and I am grateful for all of your support!  It took a lot out of me.  I don’t normally tell everyone but I wanted to share with you why.  Two years ago my husband Keith and I were rear ended in a bad car accident.  An SUV hit us going approximately 60mph while we were stopped at a stoplight totaling my VW Jetta.  Besides multiple herniated disks and other physical issues we both suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Everything was further worsened by being rear ended a second time while stopped at a stop light (yes I said it your eyes are not playing tricks on you) less than six months later.

Needless to say the car accidents brought everything that was moving forward in my independent music career to a screeching halt.  With my TBI my vision was affected.  Where my eyes do not work together to focus like they should so being on the computer for extended periods of time is well lets just say is not what the Dr. ordered. ;o)

The Veewall contest being a daily voting contest involved endless hours on the computer to inform, request and remind people to vote daily for over three months.  As you can imagine by the end of the contest, coupled with all the cheating by other contestants and the contest’s refusal to adhere to it’s own posted rules… well needless to say Greek Girl needed a big fat break.  Not complaining by any means, I chose to go for it and try for the$100k, it was a gamble I knew it going in.  Hey you win some and you lose some.  When God closes a door, he usually opens a window.  In this case he not only opened a window but he turned Greek Girl around and pointed me in the right direction.  Which is what I want to share with you guys!

Most of you know about my weekly acapella video requests.  During the contest I got very sick (which is odd because I never get sick).  I was so sick in fact I lost my voice and could not even speak for almost three long weeks. In my entire life I have never lost my voice, ever (funny I know hard to imagine miss “I talk too much” not able to talk).  I was honestly afraid I wasn’t ever going to talk again let alone sing.  I would open my mouth and nothing would come out.  It was very frightening and I was sick for almost eight weeks total.

When I did get my voice back the 1st song requested was “Stronger” by Mandisa. (click here to see it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qH8YyJRBZs ) Being sick for so long, I had not yet sung it all the way through before I did the video.  Not my normal procedure, but I was so anxious from not being able to sing I wanted to just do it.  Normally I do two or three takes and choose the best one. I’m really picky about pitch so I do a few to pick the best take that has most correct pitch throughout.  After the 1st take I asked Keith “Was it OK?” he replied with his eyes welled up with tears “It was good and bad, I’ll tell you later, do it again.”  So I did it again, same thing, and onto a third time.  Finally after three takes he said “OK, got it”.

So we went upstairs and he said “So, do you want to know why it was good and bad?”  Then he proceeded to tell me that in the beginning of the Veewall contest God told him that I was not going to win, but not to tell me.  Because I was putting all my faith and trust into “man”, not God.  That I had become so frustrated with my career stalling from the car accidents and subsequent ongoing medical treatment, therapy, etc., that I had become obsessed with winning the contest. My voice is my gifting from God, it’s his.  He took it away from me to show me that it is his voice and he can take it away at any time. That he wants me to use it for his purposes, not mine.

Kind of funny that the 1st song to be requested after being sick was a CCM song. So when I sang that song Keith welled up with tears because he felt God telling him what he told me.  He went onto say “The good news is that is the best I’ve ever heard you sing, the bad news is you’re not supposed to sing anything but CCM”.  What is even funnier is most of the time when I do the acapellas Keith likes take two or three.  Again because I’m really picky about pitch and most times the second or third take is the most accurate throughout.  In this case he chose the 1st take, and he said when I sang it that first time it was like a release happened.

So I have honestly taken these last months to just be still and let God direct my path.  Most of you reading this have already read my story ( if not click here to read  https://www.facebook.com/notes/ava-aston/this-is-my-story/10151397092436357 ) Music has always been a huge part of my life and I know that God put it in me for a reason.  The what, why, when, where or how, that is not clear yet. What I do know is I love to sing more than anything else and it is something that I do naturally better than I do anything.  Recently I read a note about finding God’s Call on your life.  It said that God’s Calling on your life is combing what you are naturally good at combined with what your heart aches for, in essence what breaks your heart.

Well in my case that is singing, and hurting hearts.  All my life my heart has broken for those in need.  Whether it’s animals, people, any part of Gods creation that is hurting.  The details that I do not know yet.  What I have decided is I am going to follow the leading and pursue CCM Music.  Although I do think putting Music into categories or boxes is limiting.  I think if the industry as a whole didn’t limit it so much it would sell more.  People don’t want to be labeled, people can like all kinds of music regardless of what “Genre Style” their demographics might point to them supposedly liking.

I’ve been being quiet, and writing.  Where it stands now is that I have two to three songs that I will be recording hopefully before Christmas.  Then a new album in the New Year.

With the continued shenanigans going on in the government there has been a lot of interest in my song “We The People” ( watch here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jut7s68pnpg ) We did the original video over four years ago (before it was cool to be conservative) and with limited resources. With renewed enthusiasm for the song building, we decided to do a New Video.  So Keith and I along with a new creative partner, an up and coming cinematographer will be doing a Brand New Video for the song if all goes according to plan to be released before Christmas as well.

In order to facilitate recording new music we decided to do an exclusive combo offer on all my previous music.  So until ALL my CD’s are gone, “The Ava Army Exclusive” combo deal will be available.  Get it ALL:  my 10 song CD titled“Gone”, limited edition CD single “We The People” and a digital download of my latest project titled “I Don’t Even Care” plus an 8×10 autographed photo, with shipping included All for Only $9.99. By buying one you will be a part of making more music as well as getting my music and message out to the masses.

To get the “AVA ARMY EXCLUSIVE” Combo Deal:


We’re also working on obtaining backers and sponsors and a tour to benefit a Veteran non-profit I’m involved with is in the works as well.  It is centered around Faith, American Values and Family Friendly.  Keith had been planning it before the accidents, but we are now moving forward towards it.  We have made some changes to my website, please visit www.avaaston.com to check it out.  There is a new “investors/sponsors” button, so if you know of any companies or organizations that fall in line with my values please feel free to send them there.  As well as a donate button where individuals can get involved with any amount to be a part of bringing my music and message out to the masses.

So that my friends is what’s cooking.  The world is getting crazier by the day, we need a lot more light and a lot less of the darkness that has taken over most of the entertainment world.  So I am doing my best with what I have and the gifts I was given to be a part of making a change for the better.  I’m asking you to join me, by buying some music and helping to make it happen!

Thank you so much for your support.

Blessings, Love & Music.

Ava xo

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