Tell It Like It Is

Common Sense plus moxy, a winning combination if you ask me.

Brains, Beauty and moxy… a winning combination if you ask me.  (photo by Barry Morgenstein) 

You know how sometimes when you see certain people they just make you think of something… or a word or thought pops into your mind? Well… last night my sweetie and I had the honor to be at a top secret event where we were able to hear Judge Jeanine Pirro speak. What popped into my noggin? The song “Tell It Like It Is” by Arron Neville.

I have watched her show on Fox News and knew a little bit about her history and distinguished career as a judge and District Attorney. I knew she was a no nonsense don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining type of person. What I did not know or expect was for her to be so down to earth and funny.

We are good friends with the person who arranged for her to be at the event, so we were sitting near the front. Before she started speaking, she came over had plopped herself smack dab across from me, unbeknownst to me as I was too busy yapping my trap about my new purse (a recent TJ Maxx Score) with my friend. We were talking and I heard something to the effect of Great Bag, I love it. I looked up to see her sitting there just chatting it up and laughing with our host and the rest of the people at the table. It was neat to discover we were born and raised in the same neck of the woods, her Elmira NY, me Binghamton, NY. She was very friendly, down to earth and blunt. Which I love. Hello, I’m Greek remember…. we invented blunt. Gee maybe Judge Jeanie has some Greek in her family tree that she doesn’t know about… ;o)

Anyway she proceeded to give a fantastic talk about all kinds of topics that are going on in the news today and I have to tell you when you see her talking all you can think is boy oh boy… Why can’t we have her in Congress as Speaker of the House, Secretary of State or better yet… President? Since the current resident of the position always seems to be the last to know when anything happens, first to throw celebrity parties, and can even manage to find time to stay up date on the TV show “Mad Men”. Maybe if we had a no nonsense woman who tells it like it is in the office we might actually be able to get something done in this country.

I mean just think of the money we would save having to constantly bring him up to speed on everything that’s going on. You know, like the four Americans including our ambassador being killed in Benghazi, the IRS targeting Conservatives, and on and on. I mean think about it… It took three weeks for a Federal Investigation to begin for Benghazi, yet a Federal Investigation was launched in just a few days on Governor Chris Christie regarding a lane closure, better known as “Bridgegate”. The media was going ballistic over a lane change; yet can’t understand what all the fuss is about over Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Targeting Conservatives, or the bugging of a journalist… Geesh, it must be that vast right wing conspiracy that Hillary pointed out at work again.

Her show is just fantastic. If you haven’t watched I highly suggest doing so. She talks about the issues facing our nation and brings to light hypocrisy wherever she finds it. All while slicing and dicing propaganda with laser like precision with her no nonsense take no prisoners attitude. Personally I wish more of our elected officials were like her. No one seems to have any idea what is going on in this administration and the majority of the media sound most of the time like bumbeling preprogramed zombies spewing the same talking points that make absolutely no sense.

This country was founded for the people to escape from being controlled. It’s so simple, so unique and yet is has become so convoluted. The thing I find most ironic is a segment of the people today who are so willing to hand back over control. I’m sure our founding fathers wouldn’t mind Obama’s “pen and telephone comment” either or the idea that governing in that way is OK… Yeah Right!

All I have to say is more Judge Jeanine and less malarky. We need people to tell it like it is, not paint things through rose colored glasses or a bunch of untruthful propaganda. If the people running our nation had half the moxy she has, terrorists might think twice about killing our ambassadors, or attacking innocent people at a marathon. However since there seems to be no consequences anymore, and everything has to be you know “fair”… I don’t see that happening any time soon. Until people are ready and willing to turn off Dance Moms, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and the rest of the gobbly goop that’s dumming down society while the constitution is shredded by the day, that is. I mean it’s great to escape the constant influx of negative information every now and again, but when more people know what #twerking is than what is wrong with the statement “I have a phone and I have a pen”, then we might just wake up three years from now in the U.S.S.A while some of us along with Judge Jeanine are saying “hate to say it but I told you so”.

Check her show out, if you want to know what’s real. In my humble greek girl, recording artist, actor opinion… you won’t be disappointed.

It was an honor to meet and listen to this amazing  woman!

It was an honor to meet and listen to this amazing woman!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

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