Son Of God

I give it a Thumbs Up.

I give it a Thumbs Up.

Having watched “The Bible” miniseries last year leading up to Easter and very much enjoying it I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I have been super excited to see the film “Son Of God”. In fact I had been waiting with baited breath to see it and went opening day, Friday night.

Then it happened, I made the mistake of looking at my phone and just as it did last year, the hate started to consume my newsfeed on Facebook. Before I knew it the internet was full of it. Full of what you might be wondering? Super Christians bashing a film, in many cases some had not even taken the time to see yet before proceeding to write a scathing review about how “biblically Incorrect” it is.

I had already experienced many of these same “Super Christians” bashing “The Bible” miniseries before and it irked me so much that I blogged about it last year (read that blog here) Seeing these people bash the film in particular when it is “Christians” doing the bashing is beyond silly if you ask me. In my opinion they are just as bad as the Pharisees who killed Jesus. It is totally counter productive and further in my opinion actually disrespectful to Jesus to bash and or nit pick these things to death. It is one thing if someone is preaching a false doctrine, however some Christians seem to get some sort of satisfaction from super judging. Anyhow this is what I thought about the film.

The thing is as bad as it is today in our country and around the world politically… Jesus is bigger than politics. We are all called to go and spread the good news to all of creation and to be the light. Unfortunately most of us myself included get far too distracted with things that ultimately do not matter in the end. Yes there was a lot of hoopla made in the media about the editing out of the “Devil” character. It didn’t bother me that they took the devil out of it, after all it’s about the Gospel of Jesus, not the gospel of the devil. The film starts with Jesus coming into Galilee so it’s focused on Jesus and his message and his time with the disciples up until his death so it makes sense that they took it out anyway.

Now regarding the “theologically correct” part that people seem to be losing their minds about… the point of the film and mini series as I understand it from seeing them in interviews talking about it, was to bring the message of salvation and Jesus Christ to people in a way that will reach them in “todays world”. To reach people and change hearts with the love of Jesus. For people (Christians in particular) to nit pick every single little thing in my opinion is just as bad as the Pharisees who killed Jesus because he did not come “the way they thought a king should”. Why… because they were too wrapped up in their own “religiosity” to see him “The Son of Man” standing right there in front of their faces.

No one was around when the scriptures were written and they have been translated how many times? The important thing is the message being correct and in that vein it was correct. What annoyed the fire out of me was seeing people last year saying they were boycotting the bible miniseries at Easter because thus and such and then at the same time not having any problem with Beyonce and the Superbowl debacle and then being obsessed with shows like American Idol, along with engaging in things that totally contradict their supposed ideology…. which is a total hypocrisy.

Jesus instructed us to go and spread the “good news”, further to GO and preach the message of salvation (the gospel) to every corner and to every creature and to love one another and to be the light. Far too often Christians spend too much time pointing out the speck in others eyes while walking around with a giamungo plank in their own eyes.

When a hollywood power couple spends their time and resources to produce a film about Christianity in a modern way to try to cut through to pop culture which is a total mess btw and then Christians sit around bashing their efforts because thus and such pastor i.e. “Joel Osteen” was a consultant on the film is ridiculously unproductive if you ask me. I do not think Jesus would be happy about that kind of behavior. Just my opinion of course one can take it or leave it.

Some have said the film is blasphemous and changes the scripture and all kinds of other outrageous things. Some have even made these claims with out even seeing the film mind you. Newsflash to these Debbie Downers: the bible in English is inaccurate…. since they actually spoke Aramaic. So that would make the King James, NIV, Message, NAS, Amplified, and all other bible versions  outside of Aramaic, Greek or Hebrew inaccurate. They have been translated how many times? And by whom? Yes that’s right, by “man” whom is imperfect. The Greek and Hebrew are the only languages that are the traditional language of the bible from the time of Jesus and the disciples since no one is really running around speaking Aramaic anymore. Need I remind these same naysayers the pharasies said many things along those same lines about Jesus because they were worshipping their “words and traditions” and not seeing with their eyes of faith or their spirits. Not only missing out on but killing Jesus because it was not word for word what they had in their minds. A sad yet familiar pattern with Religion. People can forget Jesus came for us to have a “relationship” with him not a Religion.

So say what you will but the fact that Jesus and the message of salvation through him with a modern perspective is on the big screen is far more important than “Super Christians” sitting around pointing fingers from lofty places. That does not win souls for the kingdom – Shame on anyone who would try to stop that message from reaching people.

I loved the film. I left there feeling my heart very filled with love for Jesus and what he did for all of humanity. So in my opinion I think they did their job well, thumbs up… in my humble greek girl opinion that is.

Blessings, Love & Music ~

Ava xo

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