inTWINition of murder

"inTWINition of murder" a crime novel by Michael Houbrick, inspired by true events. An excellent read!

“inTWINition of murder” a crime novel by Michael Houbrick, inspired by true events. An excellent read!

People who have been following my music for a while have asked from time to time what ever happened to Mr. Bricks? For anyone new to my blog who has no idea who or what a “Mr. Bricks” is… Mr. Bricks was my manager until a few years ago. Mr. Bricks is not only very smart, but he is also a very funny talented guy who loves McRib Sandwiches, Diet Coke, Danica Patrick, and just so happens to have a googley eyeball. Rumor has it he owned several pairs of white skinny jeans back in the 80’s the thought of which makes me want to burn the next pair I see.

So the Mr. Bricks character in my Cartoon Series “Ava The Diva” is in fact a real person. The cartoon Mr. Bricks is based on the real life Mr. Bricks’s quirks and all the muckery he seems to find himself getting into which ends up keeping him too busy to get “Ava The Diva” her beloved record deal.

Now long before he knew about the Greek Girl or the word “muckery” ever made him smile. Mr. Bricks had an unimaginable tragedy happen to him and his family that would surley take away anyone’s smile. Something that I can not even fathom having to go through, or would ever wish on my worst enemy, that is if I ever were to have an enemy. Mr. Bricks is an identical twin, and his twin was murdered on November 14, 2005.

The circumstances leading up to, and surrounding his death most were not known by anyone except Mr. Bricks. Knowing what I know about Mr. Bricks, his character and the incident, in my opinion the circumstances surrounding his death were at the very least a rush to judgement by several parties. Starting with a famous hotel trying to keep a scandal from affecting it’s business, a security staff trying to cover the hotel’s butt, and a police department ignoring facts and not digging beyond what a bumbling security staff told them had happened. All of which was deviously and diabolically orchestrated by a very sick, twisted, and manipulative woman. Who then involved multiple other parties to help her cover up her actions and in the end help her to get away with taking the life of Mr. Brick’s twin brother.

Knowing all of this information, dealing with the unimaginable loss, and to add insult to injury knowing the persons who were responsible for the death of your twin are walking round scott free day after day, would most likely be enough to break any sane person… not Mr. Bricks. Instead of break him it created a burning desire to tell the story. So as much as he loved working on the career of the Greek Girl he had to spend time and focus on getting the story out of him. So “inTWINition” was born…

Finally my chance to read the story!

Finally my chance to read the story!

Since it was and is an “ongoing police investigation” Mr. Bricks chose not to write it as a true story but rather wrote a “crime novel” where the story is “based on true events”. As you can probably imagine I was super excited to receive my autographed copy in the mail and could hardly wait to start reading it. Knowing him for what’s going on four years now I already knew he was funny and a great writer. What I wasn’t expecting was for the book to be something I was literally unable to put down. Really… I started it one morning, read it while I was waiting at an appointment for a few hours. I would have finished it that day, however I had to make a road trip which did not allow time to finish when I arrived. So I finished it the next morning. I’m not one who likes to read. I will read articles, or short stories but to just pick up a book and read it all the way through, is a rarity.

From the minute I started reading I could see the whole story in my head. It was so descriptive, and even though it deals with some heavy stuff, there are moments in there where I giggled. He managed to tell this heart wrenching story (a story in my opinion that the world needs to hear) and yet at the same time still manage to have some humor in it. It screams “Make Me Into a Movie”. Throughout reading it I found myself going through all kinds of emotions, from anger, to hope, to rooting for and cheering inside when the main character catches a break. To top it all off, there is a mega twist in there that changes everything! All I know is James Patterson might have a little competition once the world finds out about “inTWINition” of murder… just sayin.

So how would a person get their hot little hands on a copy for themselves to read? That’s EASY! There are several ways: Amazon: Or go to any bookstore and ask to order a copy if they don’t already have one, or visit – It’s available in paperback and also as an ebook. Follow on Twitter or @inTWINition or even better visit the Facebook page, like it and share with all your friends! Happy Reading!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xo

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