Damned If Ya Do Damned If Ya Don’t

Don't See, Don't Buy...

Don’t See, Don’t Buy…

With so much junk and minutia being passed off as “entertainment” for what is seeming like forever one would think that people, in particular Christians would be happy to see projects coming out that have anything to do with the bible. Surprisingly though it seems to be the total opposite.

Ironically Christians seem to be the first ones to jump on the “boycott” wagon starting virtual internet crusades for people (meaning Good Christians) to not see a particular project. We’ve all seen them bombarding our Facebook news feeds where this organization or that one is on a mission spread the word to make sure something tanks. I find this not only silly but also hypocritical.

You would think that after things like oh let me see where shall I begin?… Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show where she pranced around dressed like a 1920’s hooker dancing like a stripper on a pole in front of millions of people including children. Lets not forget Miley’s twerking escapades, I know I know she is only “expressing herself” (remember when Madonna did that? oh to go back to the days when Madonna was being “Shocking”). We also have the gay agenda being shoved down the throats of every man woman and child in this country (personally I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms but don’t call me hateful because I believe “marriage” is between one man and one woman). Then there’s Islam Ignorance, you know that “peaceful religion” which in reality is a sick twisted violent and barbaric cult being not only tolerated but promoted all over the country. Meanwhile Christians are silenced as being hateful and bigoted. God out of the workplace, out of schools, out of government, and what do we have? Chaos. Watching all this happen right in front of our very eyes one would think that a Christian would be happy, not just happy but giddy to see some form of entertainment coming out whether it be a film, TV miniseries, music artist, heck even a preacher on TV, something, anything that has to do with the bible and not a half naked person, violence, or foul language being passed off as “art”.

So to me when I see crusades for people to boycott a film, artist, or preacher it makes me laugh inside. First thing… this is to all the “Super Christians” of the world, get off your moral high horse. The only perfect person ever was Jesus. We’re saved by Grace that can’t be earned. Not one of us was there when the bible was written. Second it was written by whom? Man, which is what? Human. Therefore not perfect, and it has been translated how many times? In how many languages? My point is, arguing over potato vs. potato-to kind of things is silly and very counter productive. We have one job as followers of Christ, that is to go and spread the “Good News” period! Jesus was clear when he gave us The Great Commission. In Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV)

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Reading that I don’t see Jesus telling them to: go around poking your nose in other Christians business to make sure they are living right according to your standards of interpretation of the bible, or to judge every book, film, TV program to see if it is “biblically accurate”. Do you? Yet so many Christians get so wrapped in judging other Christians life and work, rather than spending their time much more fruitfully by working to reach souls for the Kingdom. Working instead to reach the people of the world who do not know the peace that passes all understanding, the love above all other loves, found only in one place… Jesus.

The thing the haters are missing is, you are not going to reach people by walking in and slapping them in the face. So many people in todays world are so lost, hurting so bad, and have been so judged, they are simply not going to respond to that kind of message, they just aren’t. So in a modern world, when an artist takes a different approach to telling a story or to open the dialogue we shouldn’t be working against them. Now if someone is putting out a film that has blatant fabrications like I don’t know saying something like Jesus was married or something like that then of course that is something to not support or be a part of. However when someone is mad because a good looking actor is cast in a movie or miniseries as Jesus, to me that signals something off with the accuser.

For films like Noah where everyone is losing their minds about the portrayal of God as angry and it being made by a non Christian film maker, again all I can say is HELLO it’s HOLLYWOOD. It was never portrayed or promoted to be a learning tool for a bible study. It’s a Hollywood Film, and should be taken as such, entertainment. Christians should know the bible well enough to discern what is entertainment. For some who worry that non believers who would be watching the film might walk away from a Hollywood film with that being their only and final idea about God, again is silly and small minded.

Any Christian who has accepted Jesus into their heart knows they responded to his knock. He knocks, and knocks, and over time some shorter, some longer than others, but every person who accepts him into their heart does so in response to his knocking, him initiating it. He comes to us, he died for us. To the non believer watching that film, it just opens the door, it opens the door to faith. It opens the door even with all of it’s “biblical errors” as one might be concerned about, it still opens the door to a belief in a creator, in something that is bigger than yourself. That’s the point the haters are missing, even if the film maker didn’t intend it to.

It’s the same with what I like to call “Pastor Derangement Syndrome” that so many Christians of today seem to be infected with. So many people are quick to watch an edited “snipit” of an interview or sermon and believe the point the editor made it to have. Yet will not sit through and entire episode or sermon of said pastor or evangelist to see the truth of what they really preach. The thing is everyone responds differently to different people. We are all different. If X,Y, or Z pastor is on TV and reaches one just one soul for Christ and turns that soul around, who am I, you are the next guy to criticize them? I certainly don’t want to be standing before God explaining why I spent so much time badmouthing people sharing the gospel.

My ultimate point is with the Miracle of Easter coming, it saddens me to see so many “Christians” slamming so many other Christians or projects that could really help to change what we see in pop culture. We all know that pop culture is a total mess. Everywhere we turn it’s sex, sex and more sex. Want to sell toothpaste? Sex. Want to sell a car? Sex. Want to sell a house? Sex. For crying out loud we have a TV Show called “Dance Moms” where people are dressing up their five to seven year old little girls in red lipstick and fish net stockings and false eye lashes, spending obscene amounts of time and money to ensure their child leave the competition with a trophy? Good grief!

I just think we have far more important things to worry about than to complain because “The Bible”, “Son Of God” movie or miniseries or films like “Noah” are out. Christians are not complaining about things like “Dance Moms”, “American Idol” (um hello look at the second word in that title please), “Secret Lives of Nashville Wives”, and the list goes on. Christians will boycott “The Bible” miniseries yet not any of the above mentioned items. In my mind it’s time to do a gut check about what we spend our time doing and or working against. Kudos when people stand up for Duck Dynasty and films like God’s Not Dead, but we have a lot more standing up to do. That is unless you’re perfectly happy with the status quo and the decline in the moral fabric of our society. On the other hand if you want to see more half naked Beyonce, Katy Perry, twerking, no consequences and losing your freedoms more by the day. Then by all means, boycott away… just sayin.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xo

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