I think I hear choirs of Angels singing... do you?

I think I hear choirs of Angels singing… do you?

This week I felt like I was transported smack dab into my very own version of “Alice In Wonderland”. However in this new and improved version it’s not about a girl named Alice who eats some magic mushrooms and goes into a hole in the ground. In this version it’s about a Greek Blonde Girl who is obsessed with sneakers who gets to take trip to see behind the curtain to see the Wizard in the wide world of sneakers.

Most people who know me know a few things about me. I love fitness and working out, therefore I love sneakers. So anyone who knows anything about me knows these few things, I love sneakers, coffee (Dunkin Donuts my favorite), chocolate, animals, and Vitamin Water Zero (“Go Go” flavor thank you very much). Where most women collect high heels, this girl collects sneakers. Honestly in my humble Greek opinion a girl (or guy) can just never have too many. They keep your feet happy, like flip flops. I mean really…. who wants to walk around in a pointy hard to walk in, hard high shoe all dang day long? Not me!

So in my closet at any given moment you will find a vast array of sneakers. Yes they are called sneakers (even though my former manager Mr. Bricks likes to call them “tennis shoes”) I bet he likes to wear his “tennis shoes” with his white skinny jeans from the 80’s, gosh that’s a scary thought. OK so back to Wonderland… Besides being a recording artist, I’m also an actor. Which has led to doing some pretty cool promotions, product launches and events. Sometimes when companies are launching a new product line they like to hire people to go out and talk to people about the product. People who are outgoing, friendly and are comfortable talking to people (or who have the gift to gab per say). In this case Greek Girl was hired to be a “Sneaker Ambassador” for Merrell. Just saying that makes me giddy. Who better to go around yapping my big Fat Greek Yap trap about a new line than yours truly?.. I know, perfect right!

Can you pic the Greek Girl out of this lineup?

Can you pic the Greek Girl out of this lineup?

So before they let us lose to go out and make the clients aware of the new line, it’s benefits, and what it’s all about, they flew all of us “Sneaker Ambassadors” to Minneapolis MN to learn about Merrell’s New “All Out” line. Merrell is a fantastic company with a history of quality shoes that outlast and out perform for decades. One of their tag lines is: “Performance + Innovation – It’s in our History… and our Future.” Knowing what I know now after seeing behind the curtain, I think it’s perfect.

“Barefoot Running” became very popular after the book “Born to Run” written by Christopher McDougall was published back in May of 2009. In 2011 Merrell had a huge launch of it’s Barefoot Running shoe. Barefoot simply means zero angle. Most Traditional running shoes have an 12-15 mm drop. Drop meaning the angle of the heel above the forefoot. Although it allows for lots of cushioning it can end up causing improper heel strike (meaning your heel is not hitting the ground under your hips where it is supposed to). The idea behind Merrell’s Barefoot Running sneaker was to let your feet follow their natural instincts. Connect your feet to the terrain (protected by a Vibram sole), realign your gait, improve posture, and strengthen the muscles in your feet and legs. In other words let your body do what comes naturally. Merrell’s Barefoot Collection also includes a thin EVA cushion to protect, and two impact zones. As Barefoot Running grew and people did it for longer, Barefoot become less important to consumers. They wanted a little more cushion, but still wanted a connection to the earth…

Thus the NEW “All Out” line was born. The “All Out” is a blend between a Barefoot and a Traditional Running shoe. The “All Out” line of sneakers all have a 6mm drop. Which allows for a little more cushion than the Barefoot running shoe with a Zero drop. The idea of the line is: Activate, Impact Protection, and Animal Like Agility. Activate your body’s most efficient natural form with Merrell’s flexible underfoot wrap shaped around the arch to create a continuous, flexible contact for increased mobility, flexibility and efficiency. Impact Protection made of their ultra flexible “UniFly” impact absorption system to provide a soft landing, disperse impact and allow for a stable take off. The perfect balance of feel and protection so you can go further, faster and longer. The Animal Like Agility comes from the “MSelect Grip” outsole. It’s circular design allows for each lug to move independetly providing muti-directional control and surface area. Add to this Merrell’s unique Fit Features in this line of a stitched in footbed and “Omni fit Lacing System” which provide a precise glove like fit…. and you might just have a miracle.

Seriously though if all that is not technical enough for you, well you might just belong at Nasa. If you’re like me and you just love to run, and or you love sneakers… you really should check out the new “All Out” line of kicks! They come in three versions, one for road the “All Out Fuse”, one for road and trail the “All Out Rush”, and a hiker called the “All Out Blaze” which comes in low, mid and high ankle heights. They all come in super fun colors and trust me your feet will thank you. I have been wearing mine and I can definitely say it’s been like a walk in wonderland. Keeping my tootsies happy while I’m in the process of working on NEW Music that I can’t wait to share!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀



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