Dreams Do Come True

Not only a fan... one of my closest friends :D

Not only a fan… one of my closest friends ūüėÄ

Ever feel your heart smile? Well mine recently has and I couldn’t help but share it with you. Like many people do, Greek Girl has a “bestie”. You know someone you have known your entire life. A person that no matter what in heck in the world happens, what they do, where they go, they will always be your friend. Even if twenty years were to pass, when you get together again it is like no time has passed at all, as close as family.

Well my BFF is my friend Ricky. We grew up together, and I have known him since I was a little Greek Girl of about five years old or so. I think at one time I might even had had a crush on him, that was until I realized he didn’t actually like girls. lol We’ve laughed, cried, fought, and done all the crazy things that kids do. I remember one time we may or may not have even set an old crumbling house down by the river on fire. Good grief that was a muckery filled day that ended up with yours truly in the hospital getting a very painful tetanus shot due to a Giamungo nail going all the way through my foot and sticking up out of the top of my sneaker. Ouch! Just thinking about that episode makes me cringe.

A lot of time has passed since those days when we were little muckery makers. We have each gone onto live our own separate lives and I might not agree with everything he does in his life, but one thing is for sure. He will always be my friend, and no matter what he does I will never abandon a friend. I’m just not wired that way.

So as you might imagine when he told me what was about to happen I felt proud. My friend has as an adult had his share of bumps in the road to get to this point. You know what they say when you’re down but not out, it reminds me of my friend. No matter what has ever happened, he always gets back up. Maybe it was something in the water back there in Kirkwood where we spent a good portion of our childhood. Being that Greek Girl has that same “don’t quit” gene. It’s always made me smile knowing that he always, always – gets back up.

This message of “not quitting” is one I am passionate about getting out to people in whatever I do. No matter what you might go through. No matter what happens in your life, whether it is of your own making from poor choices, or something you had nothing to do with but not pleasant just the same. If you never lose your spirit, your sparkle, never lose your dream, never lose your goal, work hard, and never give up that you can and will achieve it.

That’s why I am so very proud of my Super Talented lifelong childhood friend! He has dreamed about launching his own cosmetics line as long as I can remember. Well his dream is coming true;¬†Ricky Roberts Cosmetics¬†is in full swing!

Ricky Roberts Cosmetics!  (photo by John Martinez photography)

Ricky Roberts Cosmetics!
(photo by John Martinez Photography)

I’m double proud of my friend for his dream coming true, and of my sweetheart for building the beautiful website for my friends company. The website was built by¬†www.erimacgroup.com¬†Some of you may know of my secret passion for skincare and cosmetics. So I’m super selective and picky about what I use and or recommend.¬†Ricky Roberts Cosmetics line is high quality, long wearing, mineral based product formulas with treatment built in, that multitask for a fabulous finish that lasts and lasts.

Check out the website and if you’re located in the Charolette NC Area stop by and see it in person at one of his¬†Primp Salonbar¬†locations! Have a beautiful day and remember… no matter what your dream is, if you work hard and Never Give Up – Dreams can and Do come true!

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Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

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