No Excuse

I’ve blogged about animals on many occasions, and well what can I say? I love furkids, deal with it. Besides it’s been said ones true character is revealed in how they treat animals. So you know what that means… yes that means Greek Girl is a Good Person ;o)

Seriously though besides having four furkids of my own (used to be five until our ten and a half year old Maltese “Itty Bitty” passed unexpecedly of congestive heart failure back in September of last year) I am involved with rescue. Sometimes fostering, and often do home visits for potential adopters for a few different rescue groups. A home visit is necessary to make sure the animal does not end up back in a dangerous situation. Because as you might have guessed not everyone out there is what they appear to be. Or for whatever reason their wires get crossed in their noggins and decide it would be OK to dump their pet in a shelter. So home visits are necessary and vital to make sure rescued furkids truly do go into forever homes.

After all the things I have seen in rescue nothing really surprises me. However, I was particularly upset this past week when I saw a story in the news about an outrageously horrific situation involving craigslist. I would hope that most people understand why it’s never OK to put an ad on craigslist for an animal, especially for Free. It’s sad but stories like the one I’m about to share happen often these days. The following link is about a story of a man who was recently arrested for having been found in a motel room with multiple animals he had dismembered. Animals he had obtained from craigslist. Don’t believe me… here ya go:

I know life can be chaotic, especially in the times we are living. The economy is rough and people have life changes, I get it. However I’m not sure why when some people start to cut back they jump to something as severe as dumping a family pet in a kill shelter. There are always options, there is always a way, it’s just a matter of if someone is willing to make the effort to make adjustments that will allow them to keep their pet. Some people just don’t want to be bothered.

We have an epidemic of puppy mills producing millions of puppies that are shipped to pet stores. Backyard or kitchen breeding dogs to make an extra few bucks. Then add to that the ones who refuse to spay and neuter either for financial reasons, or even worse they don’t want to make their pet an “it”, are just a few of the absurd justifications I have heard. When you add it all up it equates to five to seven million animals and growing being euthanized in shelters across the country every single year. The only way this is ever going to change is to change the law. Make Puppy Mills illegal, and not allow backyard breeding. Have  mandatory spay/neuter and for anyone who is interested in betterment of the breed and who wants to breed, make them have to be licensed. The license would be a very hard test like a Dr. and include a high yearly fee which would keep the backyard breeders out. Believe me I’m for LESS Government control not more. The government wants to control almost every aspect of our lives i.e.: health care, cap and trade to regulate how much energy we consume, food, medicine, etc. Yet they allow the rampant torture of Gods creatures in Puppy Mills. It boggles my mind, that however is a blog for another day.

My point here more than anything is why is it that at the first sign of trouble or inconvenience, people’s first instinct is to throw up their hands and “dump” the family pet? They wouldn’t ever do it to you, you wouldn’t do it to a child, so why on earth do it to a helpless creature who only wants your love? I’m really beginning to think that God must be rethinking the whole part where he gave man charge over the animals. I can just imagine with all the evil things that go on every day, he must be sitting up there thinking maybe it should have been the other way around. It’d probably be a lot less cruel of a world.

As you can imagine there is no circumstance where I would ever give up an animal, period. Trust me and it’s not like I’m rolling in the dough either… I’m an Independent Recording Artist. That means there’s no label or big machine pushing my music all over TV, radio & social media. I do the best I can with what I have and work my pants off. I built my following brick by brick, fan by fan, and work social media like mad. Like everyone else out there working for their dreams I do what I have to do and try to live my life according to my moral compass. That for me means even if I were homeless on the street, I’d be in my cardboard box with my four furkids. That’s just how I roll. Animals are family, there is never a reason to “get rid” of them, period. That may sound extreme to some people, but a living creature that can not survive without you that you made a commitment to is not something to be taken lightly, or to be forgotten when life changes. It’s called making adjustments. I thought it would be interesting to post a few meme’s that quite bluntly demonstrate some of the illogical thinking regarding dumping pets. Some also that dispel some of the misconceptions about what happens to your pet after you dump it at a the “shelter”.

The Truth

The Truth

How do these people sleep at night?

How do these people sleep at night?

There is No Excuse.

There is No Excuse.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine?

Every day they die waiting...

Every day they die waiting…

More ridiculous excuses.

More ridiculous excuses.

You can make a difference.

You can make a difference.

Pets Do not Belong on Craigslist - Ever!

Pets Do not Belong on Craigslist – Ever!

Trust, Love. Unconditional that never ends... Don't fail them.

Trust, Love. Unconditional that never ends… Don’t fail them.

You can make a difference. Not only be being vigilant to furkids in need around you, but also with social media. Sharing helps place dogs. Giving even the smallest amount, even $1.00 to a rescue who has just taken in an animal with obscene medical bills makes a difference. There is strength in numbers… if everyone who cares and has liked a page gives even the small amounts when a rescue asks instead of scrolling past, just think of the number of animals that would be saved.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

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