National Coffee Day

A little taste of my coffee brewing collection.

A little taste of my coffee brewing collection.

National Coffee Day… what exactly does that mean? Well for coffee addicts like me that means once a year we get to show up at coffee joints around the country and get a free cup of joe. Seriously though if you didn’t know about it, yes there is such a thing as a “National Coffee Day”, and yes some chains and local coffee houses are offering a free cup of coffee to celebrate.

Most people who read my blog if they know anything about me (besides the fact that I’m Greek) they know this one thing, I love love love love love coffee. This makes perfect sense of course because we Greek’s perfected the art of coffee drinking, along with inventing  drama (acting), politics, and the windex. I laughed out loud when I visited Greece one time and on a tour of a park near the Acropolis the guide told our little group that Greek’s invented drama and politics. I was thinking to myself “so that explains why I’m an actor (besides a recording artist) and highly opinionated about politics.” 

The art of coffee drinking masterfully blended with drama can be wittnessed at any Greek Diner. I can almost guarantee you that somewhere in there is a table full of Greek’s chatting away full of passionate talking and hand gestures. So I guess the genes carried on in Greek Girl because ever since I can remember I have loved coffee. I love the smell of it brewing, I love the taste of it, and the feel of a cup in my hands. No it doesn’t help me to write better songs, or remember my lines, I just like it. What can I say? Everyone has something. Besides there have even been studies that suggest it is good for your bones/health so that’s a thumbs up in my book.

Now I do have my favorites and it really depends on the day, time or situation as to what kind of coffee I’m in the mood for. My absolute favorite hot coffee ever is Dunkin Donuts. Second is McDonald’s, yes they have very good coffee, and the best part is a large is only $1.08 – can’t beat that!  My favorite iced coffee is Starbucks. At home I have all kinds of ways to enjoy a good cup of joe, I have a Keurig, where I can brew my Dunkins. There’s also a regular drip coffee pot, a french press and one of my personal favorites my Nespresso Espresso Machine. If you’ve never had a Nespresso I highly suggest finding a store near you and going to get a sample cup. It brews the espresso at the optimun tempature so the taste is always perfect, and they are known for the creme on the top, it’s just perfect! Nothing else to be said. Another little treat I got turned onto while visiting  Greece was Nescafe’. Yes I did just say that I like instant coffee. See in Greece it is very popular (so much so that they even sell these at McDonald’s there), iced Nescafe’. It’s Nescafe’ in a large cup, milk, half and half, or both and sweeten to liking. Then you have a Yummoliscious iced cup of happiness!

No matter what your favorite cup of happiness is, today is the day to think about how something so simple can bring a little happiness and smile to your face. Stop by your favorite place to get one and think of all the other coffee lovers out there who love it just as much as you do. I know that participating Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s are offering a free cup, for any other places that are just check online. So raise your cup and happy sipping!

Here's to celebrating hot cups of happiness all day long!

Here’s to celebrating hot cups of happiness all day long!

Blessings, Love, and Music ~
Ava xo


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