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It's time to "Do Something".

It’s time to “Do Something”.

My name is Ava Aston and I love animals. I know put on your surprise face, no shocking information here considering my furkids are plastered all over the internet. Most people know me as an Independent Recording Artist and yes my first love is music, my second is animals. I have five dogs (three of which are rescues) and to be honest if I were not careful I could possibly end up on an episode of hoarders. Only in my episode the animals would be living in the lap of luxury. The only hard thing they would have to endure would be which orthopedic doggie bed to sleep on, or which organic food they want for the day. Who doesn’t love animals? I mean really… can we even trust people who don’t?

So last spring I started a little something to help bring awareness to the epidemic of animal neglect and cruelty. To shine the spotlight on the heroes who work day in and day out in animal rescue, also as a way to help encourage people to get involved. Not everyone can rescue, adopt, or foster an animal, but everyone can give. A midweek reminder to think about those on the front lines giving second chances to animals whom without their efforts would suffer and often not make it. Donating on a regular basis even as little as $5.00 can make a huge impact. So “Waggin Tail Wednesday” was born #WagginTailWednesday or #WTW.

There are so many amazing rescue organizations utilizing Social Media, Facebook in particular to help save animals. Neglected, dumped, abused and just when I think I have seen the worst thing I can possibly imagine, another horrific case pops up.

So I post one rescue, news story or video every Wednesday. The idea is for people to visit their pages, websites, give, and share. Animals are Gods creatures, are innocent and do not deserve to be tortured. They are not cupcakes to be sold for profits, should not be bred in puppy mills, sold in stores and most certainly do not belong in ads given away for free or sold on craigslist.

Animal abuse and neglect is an epidemic in this country that many turn a blind eye to. People think they can’t help, afford to help, don’t have time, etc. Sharing a link of a dog up for adoption is free, pledging $1 or $5 I’m pretty sure will not cause anyone to go hungry. When large numbers of people take a minute out of their day to “Do Something” it can and has literally saved and completely changed the lives of animals who have suffered beyond your worst nightmare. All it takes is for one to care and act.

Think I’m exaggerating? Google “Puppy Doe” or read about it here Unfortunately things like this happen every day. I believe that most people are inherently good, loving and would not do such evil things, but there is also an epidemic of ignorance that at times blows my mind. Having an animal is a lifetime commitment, not a toy to give away when one grows tired of it or it gets a little “inconvenient”. Having a baby or moving is not a reason to dump a pet, sorry but it’s just not! Rescues and kill shelters all over the country are bursting at the seams to the point where thousands of innocent creatures are killed every day simply because there is no one to adopt them, and the shelter is out of room.

It has to stop and the only way it will ever stop is if enough people “Do Something”. Puppy mills, and selling dogs in pet stores has to end!

I’m not for more laws but to stop the viscious cycle it needs to be done. A simple solution is: In order to be a “Breeder” one must be “Licensed”. In order to be licensed, one must pass a test (similar to a Dr., Real Estate Agent or any other licensed professional) and pay a high yearly fee. This will keep out the “backyard or kitchen” breeders who are selling to their friends or on craigslist. In order to breed one needs to know the history, potential medical issues being passed on, do the proper testing i.e.: (OFA X-rays for hips) etc. Pet stores should not be allowed to sell dogs or cats. An alternative would be a station to see animals from local shelters or rescues. It would stop “impulse” buying and all together these types of changes could help stop the problem. However the whole cycle is a money making machine so there are people who do not want it to stop or care about the innocent animals hurt in the process. Puppy mills, dog fighting, neglect, abuse, it’s all happeneing everyday right under our noses. If people would be on alert, and start to call attention to cases when they see them we can save more lives. Call lawmakers, it all starts with “doing something”.

A rescue I give to on a regular basis is Animal Rescue Corps. Check out this video about what they encounter on a regular basis Watch Here.

Something that has always made me smile is the word DOG spelled backwards is GOD. Just like him all they want is our love… think about it. It’s in the bible, he gave us charge over the animals to care for, and the lion will lie down with the lamb. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals. So don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday on Facebook, and be on alert for ways in which you can make a difference in the lives of animals. Have a beautiful day!

Blessings, Love & Music
Ava xo


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