Wanna get the Greek Girl Glow? Here's how, I'm spilling all of my secrets.

Wanna get the Greek Girl Glow? Here’s how, I’m spilling all of my secrets.

In the fall of 2014 I launched my own skincare line called “Get Glowing”. The feedback has been fantastic so far! People getting real results, which makes me one happy girl!

One thing though that might possibly have caused wrinkles to appear on my greek mug is, some people were not clear that the line is for both Men and Women. So being the kind of girl who wants to get it “100% right”… I went back to the salt mines to come up with a name and logo that would make it clear my skincare line is unisex.

Well… it’s finally here “Glowosity”. The trademark is submitted, the website is up, and now the official Facebook page is open.

This is your invitation to “like” it and see what can happen when you try medical strength skincare that delivers remarkable visible results without irritation, and reveal healthy glowing skin. The very same products I use on my skin that cause random strangers in public to stop and ask about that “Glow”.

Most people know me as an Independent Recording Artist and Actor. What some might not know is that I grew up the daughter of a cosmetologist, and was always around beauty products. As a teenager I learned the importance of proper skincare and it’s effects on aging. The rest as they say is history.

I’m a confessed skincare junkie and have tried every product the market has to offer. From drugstore brands, to pharmaceutical products, I’ve broken the code and found what really works. People joke and ask how I can be “Aging in reverse”. Often stopped in public by strangers, people ask about my “glowing skin”, some actually whip out a pen and paper to write down what I tell them. My secret, it’s just five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night combined with no nonsense high quality medical grade skincare that delivers results, not broken promises.

I’m super excited to offer people the same revolutionary skincare I have been using on my own skin most of my adult life. The majority of people don’t have access to products with this level of ingredients without a prescription or a hefty price tag directly from a dermatologist. “Glowosity” will offer everyone access. No gimmicks, no gotcha’s, just cutting edge skincare formulations for men and women of all skin types that deliver revolutionary results.

How can YOU Get It? Easy! 

You get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean one must break the bank to get their hands on physician formulated skincare. I’m Greek remember? (which is code for “must buy it on sale”, and sale is an old Greek word that means “you must buy it now). So I’m all about getting a good deal and getting the best value for your money.  “Glowosity”  skincare is medical strength and it’s affordable. The best part, no one is going to bother you to join something, start selling something or re-bill your credit card. You order what when you want, when you want – period. No appointment necessary, you get the products without paying a doctor visit fee and hefty markup.

Regardless of your age or gender there are five simple steps to getting and keeping healthy glowing skin. Simple steps that everyone should be doing morning and night. So I recommend everyone start with six products – five steps. We are all different and everyone’s skin is not the same, so “Glowosity” is not a one size fits all “pre made kit”. You choose what you want, based on your needs. The steps don’t change but the specific products can. The five steps and products work synergistically together – that’s what makes the change and delivers Revolutionary Results.

Some may think they can order a moisturizer, yet skip the cleanser, toner, serum and eye treatment but still expect to see earth shattering results… think again. In order for the product to get in to do it’s job it has to be able to get “to” your skin. Think about it… a lot of people look older than they could or should simply because they have layer, upon layer, upon layer of dead skin sitting on their face. Trust me people, exfoliation is your friend. Finding the right products and being consistent with them is the key.

1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Eye Cream *(If you’re a woman, eye make up remover first)
4. Serum
5. Moisturizer – One for AM and one for PM *(Why two, because they do different things.)

So that’s it! Six products in five steps, the secret to getting and keeping healthy glowing skin! I’m offering a #Facebook Page LAUNCH PROMO!

25% OFF ALL ORDERS – Just enter Code:  6569AA10E9F1  at check out! NOW through July 6th!

“Glowosity” offers Cutting edge skincare formulations for Men and Women of all skin types that delivers results, not broken promises. So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself, and learn to love your skin again. If you have any questions or need help choosing products, please feel free to message via Facebook or the website – I’m here to help!

Dictionary Definition of

Dictionary Definition of “Glowosity”

Have a beautiful blessed day!

Blessings ~
Ava xo

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