Total Eclipse of the Internet


I know most everyone is going ga ga over the eclipse that is set to split America for the first time in ninety-nine years. People are in a frenzy scrambling to get their hands on last minute “solar eclipse glasses” on Amazon and all kinds of online retailers. I however kind of wish it were an eclipse of the Internet that was on its way instead.

Why because in my humble big fat Greek opinion, something special has died and I just have to get it off my chest. Social media on the Internet has gone from something totally unique that connected people in way it never had before in history to one big giant commercial advertisement. Which leads me to the following thoughts. (WARNING: Greek Girl rant about to ensue)

Dear facebook,

If it’s not broke, please don’t fix it. Now I can imagine that all of the millennials over at corporate headquarters get twitchy and itchy if they don’t have something new and innovate to keep changing. However, here’s a request straight from one of your millions of users… please stop. Because, we the everyday users don’t actually don’t “like” it (no pun intended… well, maybe some).

Here’s an idea, how about we change the term “social media” to “social advertising”. Because the spark of genius that was the magic of Facebook has died. The brilliant invention that enabled a person in Timbuktu to connect to a total stranger, musician, business, blog, or what have you in East Jupeepee no longer exists.

It has been replaced by advertising. So Joe Blow in Timbuktu will no longer organically see a post from a person, musician or, business in East Jupeepee unless that person, musician, or business pays to have Joe Blow see it. This is how technology went from a stroke of brilliance to a nuisance.

Thus more and more people are disconnecting from social media altogether. Sad, but it is true. All of that just so Facebook could go public and increase profits. I suspect that in the long run Facebook will eventually go the way of Myspace. Haven’t really seen or heard of too many people itching to hop on MySpace and check out the latest meme (just sayin).

Since when did the average person have to have a rocket science degree to admin his or her own Facebook business, band or musician page? And I’m not just saying that because I have a head injury (really I do have one, but all kidding aside) I was on Facebook for like two hours the other night configuring, or shall I say, “trying” to configure the apps on my musician page.

Somehow the Instagram got disconnected and the Twitter again for about the third time in a month… I reconnect it, then it disconnects without my knowledge. Next thing you know, Facebook posts are not posting to twitter and so on.

Here’s a shocking bit of information for Facebook to consider: not everyone has a “social media manager” on staff operating their account. Now I can imagine that you all love to talk techie and swap ways to “innovate” and improve the “user experience”; however as one of the millions of users, seriously, please stop. It is beyond obnoxious every time we get the hang of something and figure out where in God’s name you all hid the button to operate a tab or function, you all flipping change it again. Honest to Pete… it’s lunacy.

It’s not “The Jetsons” and we’re not living inside a computer world (yet)… so please for the love of all that is left that is good and right in the world, STOP CHANGING THINGS!

Which brings me to my next gripe… Google. You all are just as bad. Seriously that film “The Circle” anyone seen it? Probably not because it didn’t do so well at the box office. I would bet the powers that be at Facebook and Google got together in a secret meeting and put the kabash on the advertising for that film. It is a frighteningly accurate portrayal of what I imagine the corporate world of Facebook and Google to be.

Get this one: I am “not allowed” to post the link to my own songs on “iTunes” because it “violates Google policy, and is spam”? Seriously… HELLO Google, I’m an “Independent Recording Artist” which means, no record label paying for songs to be promoted on radio, film, TV and lets not forget to be actually SEEN by my own followers on Facebook. Followers who clicked the “like” button of their own volition, meaning they wanted to actually see what I am posting. (Not only when I am paying you to show it to them) If posting my music on my own page (that people sign up to follow mind you of their own will) is “spam” then what in the heck in the world is the point of being on social media at all?

Besides the fact that Google is just as bad as Facebook when it comes to changing things. It’s like a bunch of techie minions sitting around in Silicon Valley trying to figure out the most outrageous way to keep people confused. They change things even more than Facebook, and good luck trying to figure out where and what they did with a feature when they do. Since when did a person need a college degree in Computer Programming to manage their Google and Google plus accounts? Sheesh.

Lets not even get into YouTube (the left arm of Google – and when I say left I do mean left) censoring videos for monetization that it politically disagrees with. How’s that “free speech” thing working out for you all… hmmm? Profanity is allowed to run amuck all over YouTube, and Facebook will allow a livestream of a GANG RAPE and even a MURDER. But boy oh boy… you best not post anything that conflicts with a left leaning ideology… whatchout.

What on earth? HELLO can anyone say Orwell? Holy bananas batman, it’s seriously getting beyond absurd. No wonder people are leaving social media in droves, and unplugging from technology all together. Can’t say I blame them.

Thus my suggestion to change the name from “Social Media” to “Social Advertising”. Better yet, make that, “Social PAID Advertising”.

Stepping off my soapbox now. That’s all… carry on. Enjoy the Solar Eclipse wherever you may be watching from (and don’t forget your glasses).

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo






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2 Responses to Total Eclipse of the Internet

  1. glama1 says:

    You go girl!
    You are so right! Couple days ago I shared 3 posts on FB, one was about bats being found with rabies and when it’s hot they tend to come down from the attic and could easily bite ur pet or child and you would not know, next was a post of a cutest pet contest, ( my favorite was the blind dog)
    Next was a scripture.
    Guess what I got noticed, all three were considered Spam!!!
    And I am sooooooooooooooo sick of clicking on something to have adds pop up that I Do Not want to see!
    I hate you FB!!!

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