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The holidays are coming. Every year it seems like they arrive faster and faster. Pre Black Friday sales and deals being advertised as early as the first week of November. Ads coming at you from every which way from the TV, laptop, phone, you name it someone is advertising to us on it.

The more connected we become as a society though it can be said that all of this information overload is actually doing more to disconnect us than it does to connect us. I know some people who are so fed up with it that they just disengage from technology all together, or for periods of time to get away from the noise. I mean really, what’s the point of a social media feed if it’s not going to be the things you like and want to follow and instead be just lots and lots of advertising that some algorithm picked “for” you? Silly if you ask me.

So with the hustle and bustle season about to move into full swing I wanted to take a moment to remind people to take a little time to breathe. Everyone has lists of things that need to be done, goals, dreams, and to do’s that at times may never seem to end. At the end of the day though, it’s not about the quantity of things we stuff into the twenty-four hours we are all allotted every day, it’s the quality that matters.

The Holiday Season starts with Thanksgiving. Which in my humble Greek opinion is a really great way to start. Forget about everything that needs to be done and take the time to reflect on everything you have done and accomplished in the last day, week, month or last year for that matter. Take a moment to consider your victories big and small. Rome wasn’t built in a day and too many people don’t give themselves kudos for all the little things they do that really add up.

Whether it’s helping others at your job, volunteering, or just people in your everyday life. Look around and think about whom you have touched with your actions big and small and I’m guessing you’ll have a whole lot to be thankful for. Some people focus more on what isn’t going right in their lives instead of looking at the things that are. Then there are people who are never satisfied, and they are always looking to the next project or adventure and so busy moving forward that they never stop to smell the roses or celebrate the fact that they were able to walk the path where the roses bloomed.

I’m thankful for coffee, endorphins, dogs and cats. All kidding aside… I’m thankful for my faith, my health, my gifts and talents and the opportunity to use them to bless others. I’m super thankful for my amazing wonderful, gorgeous superman of a husband. I’m thankful for my family, my victories and my challenges. Because every day is an opportunity to learn something new and grow in ways we never know. My wish for everyone this Thanksgiving Holiday is to have a little time to breathe and just “be” happy.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo




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  1. glama1 says:

    👍 how right you are!
    Happy Turkey Day💜🙏

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