National Treasure

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Honor the Fallen

The official start to summer “Memorial Day” is almost upon us. For people in parts of the country that were hit with an especially hard winter this year like yours truly, most likely it cannot come soon enough.

I’m all for packing up the winter stuff and breaking out the flip flops, but I have to say it always kind of rubs me the wrong way when I start to see so much emphasis placed on the change of season to summer, sales, and parties, rather than focus on the real meaning of the holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sale (hello I’m Greek which is also code for you must buy it on sale or at wholesale) but I just don’t see how getting a good deal on a car honors our nation’s fallen heroes. In a time when history is given less focus than ever living in the “I want it now” digital age I think we should give less attention to sales and more attention to giving honor and respect to those who have so dearly earned it.

For our nations entire history there have been men and women who left their homes and everything they loved and held dear to go off to distant places to stand up for freedom. Men and women who lived in uncomfortable situations so that we could live in comfort. Think about that for just a moment.

Memorial day respect

Photo the Mr. took at a Memorial Day event I had to honor to perform the National Anthem for.


Photo taken by the Mr. at same event… this one melts my heart.

So this year instead of hitting the mall, the car lot, or nearest backyard party, maybe find a Memorial Day parade. Find a ceremony in your local area; there are so many organizations that will be holding events to honor the fallen at Memorials all over the country. Check your local paper, find a VFW, a Purple Heart chapter, a first responders organization.


There are so many things that will take place, but sadly many don’t garner the attendance they should. So this year be the difference and take a little time out to honor those who have given everything.

America’s greatest treasure is those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and their families. We owe a debt that can never be repaid, thank you. Remember to give gratitude, respect, and honor to those who have made that ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day. May God bless you and yours, and keep you safe this holiday and always.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo





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  1. glama1 says:

    So true and very well stated Ava!

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