Legal Mumbo Jumbo

The written content and images of Ava Aston on this blog belong to me. © 2010 – 2023 Ava Aston all rights reserved. Please do not copy or redistribute without my prior written approval. It took a lot of hard work to extract this crap from my little Greek noggin and I don’t want you to steal it. I have no problem if you want to provide a link or pingback to this site, in fact I would be flattered by that.


2 Responses to Legal Mumbo Jumbo

  1. Hey Ava
    I appreciate you reading my blog. Is there any topics that you would like me to write or post about? Is there any way that I can help you further your career? Any personal or romantic issues that I can help you with. I provide a free half hour consultation.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • John — I have a great relationship with my Sweetie and I do not publicize my private life that much. As a reader to my blog you might be able to see the teasing nature of the realtionship I have with my manager Mr. Bricks. It’s all in fun and there are no real deep seeded issues there. If you ever do anything tounge-in-cheek that would the relationship I would spoof upon.

      Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog, because I sure enjoy yours.



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