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Celebrity Matchmakers

It’s simple really.  We all want, need and crave to love and be loved.  Everyone of us, no matter how big, small, short or tall ~ it’s a fact of life.  Yes, even if that person you love is animated… … Continue reading

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15 Ways To Make Your Blog Go Viral

The first thing they tell you in Blog Writing 101 class is that you need to capture the reader’s attention in the title of your post. And right about now you are asking yourself, what was wrong with my noggin … Continue reading

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Real Life Doesn’t Have a Hiatus

In the entertainment business we have a term hiatus and it is often bantered about when talking about the status of a TV show air or production schedule.  Simply put, it is when a network takes a several week break in … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom

Here is this week’s Saturday Cartoon about Ava the Diva and her manager Mr. Bricks. I am so glad you all know that this “Ava the Diva” character is totally a fiction of my imagination. It’s just some random character … Continue reading

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Winning: How to Hijack a Google search word for Free

Recently one of the most Googled words has been “winning” –  thanks to all of Charlie Sheen’s rants where he has sprinkled the word into almost every single media interview he has done since the implosion of his career/life. I … Continue reading

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