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Vogue 2011 Spring Collection

Ok, I wonder how that rumor started that I was going to be in Vogue Magazine? I had a few emails and a couple of people asked me about it on Facebook the other day. Hmmm, what’s going on? I … Continue reading

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Ava, You are Getting Sleepy!

I am convinced today that the airports are not the only places were body scanners are being used. I believe they are also hidden in the walls of the shopping malls. Without the use of the x-ray technology from a … Continue reading

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Rain stops in New York. Ava Aston stays Superdry.

Ok, your favorite blonde one is doing a blatant plug for the new love of her life, the Superdry brand clothing line. It is a brand that started in the United Kingdom in 1985 under the brand name of Cult … Continue reading

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