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Here We Go Again

Most people who have read my blog for any length of time at all, or who follow me on facebook know I am an animal nut.  I swear there is some secret code in animal language that goes something like … Continue reading

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Autumn’s In The Air

It’s here.  It’s always bitter sweet for me because there’s nothing I loathe more than putting away my flip flops and replacing them in my closet with my Uggs.  It’s bitter for many reasons including the one I just mentioned. … Continue reading

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Turning a Blind Eye

Life, it’s the most amazing gift we are all blessed with.  Each and every day we are faced with choices, these choices help define us.  As little or as big as these choices may seem in the little moments, they … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards

Every year at about this time we all go through the traditional “Christmas card” picking process.  We’re given the choices, the pretty Hallmark box of cards, the funny cards in the Dollar General, the special ones just for Mom and … Continue reading

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Why Do Old People Expose Themselves

So my two sisters come into town to visit me over the weekend.  Despite the fact that three Greek Girls under one roof is crazy enough, imagine how it is when one of them decides “Hey, we should go to … Continue reading

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