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After the Ball Drops

A long, long time ago last week I was relieved to learn the Mayan’s were wrong and thank God because I wasn’t done yet.  So, since everyone is so focused on what went wrong in 2012 or what topped the … Continue reading

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Before They Were Rock Stars

One of my favorite things people say to me is, “Don’t forget me when” or “Oh great, I can say I knew you when.”  Or like what I call pre-recognition which is when I go into a public place and … Continue reading

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I Can See Clearly Now

Picture this: “Beep-Beep” goes my keyfob unlocking my blue 5-Speed Jetta.  It sits quietly as I approach it with a gleeful grin & a glint in my eye.  I relish in it’s shiny blueness as I clutch my iced cup … Continue reading

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What if

“What if…?” A question pondered by all the great Greek philosophers and smart people throughout time, (mostly though they were Greeks who taught others to ask this question.)  Regardless, it’s quite the deep thought if you ask me.  The possibilities … Continue reading

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