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HGTV Anonymous

Silence is Golden… I was shocked at first, I couldn’t believe that for the first time the entire award show season that there was going to be an award show without any nasty jokes made about Trump. That was until … Continue reading

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Collectible Junk

Do you ever have that itching sensation when you visit some peoples homes?  You know when your skin crawls at the sight of the inch of dust that collects on top of their valuable collection of collectibles?  Or when everywhere … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Be A Hoarder

There are times I wished I was a Hoarder. I know it is a mental disorder, so I am not making fun of them, nor do I wish I had a fungus in my Greek noggin that would cause me … Continue reading

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Signs Your Kid Might Be A Hoarder

Nowadays, it seems like you can’t turn on TV without seeing a show about junk hoarders, animal hoarders or kings and queens of clutter! Most of it is so riveting you can’t even change the channel, despite knowing you will … Continue reading

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