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Open Season

It seems this time of year brings out something in all of us that makes it like open season.  No, I don’t just mean because Hunting Season opens in NY this week, just in time for Thanksgiving of course.  Nothing … Continue reading

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Spend Money Like It’s 1999

I can see where gas is coming down in price, but not nearly as quickly as it went up. That’s just messed up. Unlike gas prices, when grocery store prices go up they never come back down. Hang onto your … Continue reading

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The Devil Wears Prada, The Greek Girl Wears Sneakers

I think I want to marry the weatherman. I am back in New York and as we approach a holiday weekend it appears that the weather will be just perfect for some alone time with my sneakers. Now that’s what … Continue reading

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What would you do with 15,000 McRib Sandwiches?

The long awaited  “Ava the Diva’s First Sold Out Concert” Part 2 episode of my web based cartoon series is here. If you missed the first part, you can watch it here first.  Part 1 Grab the kids, grandma, the … Continue reading

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