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Pizza By The Slice

Picture this, last year during Easter week I’m sitting there drinking a hot cup of happiness brewed fresh from my new Keurig machine as I was getting my day going.  The checkbook was balanced, workout was done and I was … Continue reading

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Pizza – The Other Food Group

Mr. Bricks spent an hour trying to convince me that Pizza was a food group in the Government’s new recently unveiled Choose my Plate new food pyramid. He even provided the above photograph as proof that Pizza is a food … Continue reading

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Ava Wants to Start a Rumor

It’s time for another Saturday Morning Cartoon from the Greek Blonde Girl.  I hope you enjoy watching the ego inflated Ava the Diva once again put her manager Mr. Bricks in his place. NOTE: No real talent mangers were hurt … Continue reading

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Mystic Pizza

When you are looking for an old-time classic movie to rent from Netflix or Blockbuster, I highly recommend Mystic Pizza. When you are hungry for a tasty snack I highly recommend pizza, whether it is mystic or not. One of … Continue reading

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