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The Halloween Hijack: Punkin’s Revenge

Hello to all my faithful followers out there!  This is your favorite and most talented Pekingese dog Punkin Aston.  That’s right, I have done it again.  I have gone in and hijacked my mommies blog! But this time I am … Continue reading

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Today’s blog is written by Guest Dogger Bloggers BoBo, Itty Bitty, Punkin and Pookie. Enough of this crap. The four of us can only sit back for so long before we were compelled to speak up against the so-called goody … Continue reading

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A Blog Year In Review

With a candy cane dangling from mouth I was trying to think what topic I wanted to write about in today’s blog when I realized I should take you on a trip down memory blog lane and share with you … Continue reading

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I’m kinda feeling a little melancholy as I sit here writing and addressing my Christmas cards. The fireplace is crackling and filling the room with warmth and the smell of freshly split pine.  Jingle Bell Rock and other Christmas tunes … Continue reading

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Web Service Composition Management

You can basically take a high performance implementation platform to enable the numerous standards that are easily accessible on a highly functional system that has an operability with a reference to the extensible easy-to-use web services that it stacks. You could … Continue reading

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