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Internet To Close for 24-Hour Maintenance

Internet Maintenance Announcement Internet inventor (?) Al Gore and the current Internet Powers-That-Be are at it again.  They have initiated a yearly maintenance to the internet that will shut it down for a 24-hour period from April 5th, 2011 23:59 EST … Continue reading

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Better A Broken Promise Than None At All

  What was Mark Twain thinking when he made the quote, “Better A broken Promise than none at all”? Did he know that the world is full of some people who have no problems not keeping their promises? I’m talking about … Continue reading

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You Can’t Say That

So yesterday my blog post was one of my Saturday Morning Cartoons about myself and my manager Mr. Bricks. I finally revealed on my blog a big fat Greek secret I had been keeping for almost 6 months. The secret … Continue reading

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We Go Together Like….

Yesterday was one of those days where spring was in the air and you could just smell it. So I decided to lace up my sneakers on my feet and I went for my very first official outside run since … Continue reading

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Terms of Endearment

Remember the old movie from way back when with Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson and Debra Winger? The premise was about the relationship between a mother and daughter. It won 5 Academy Awards, the acting was top-notch. the writing was superb and … Continue reading

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