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Just Breathe

The holidays are coming. Every year it seems like they arrive faster and faster. Pre Black Friday sales and deals being advertised as early as the first week of November. Ads coming at you from every which way from the … Continue reading

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Get Me to My Safe Space

To celebrate Veterans Day the Mr. (an Air Force Veteran) & I went to see the film Hacksaw Ridge. I was moved and saddened by the stark contrast. In the week or so that has followed I have watched a tragedy unfold … Continue reading

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Tech Support

When it comes to technology it’s almost like I have a forcefield around me.  For some reason no matter what, when I have something important to do on my computer the Gremlins come out and play.  It’s like my computer, … Continue reading

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Why It Is Important To Always Have Internet Access

Well…. this is an obvious for so many reasons. No matter how much we may say we want to or would like to be able to unplug, lets face it, you really can not even really enjoy free time without … Continue reading

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Get Your Head Out of The Clouds

Growing up I was always a bit of day dreamer. That didn’t help me much in school, but it sure made my song writing flourish. My Mom and  Dad would say I was their one child who always had their … Continue reading

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