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No Worries

With a title like that one might think this could be a blog about a sunny beach vacation with some Jimmy Buffet playing in the background and a tropical drink in one’s hand. Nope. This is a blog about a … Continue reading

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Many of you know the Greek Girl likes her flip-flops accompanied by a large iced-coffee in my clutches.  What makes it better is when it is in conjunction with a trip somewhere that involves sand between my toes.  Yes, I … Continue reading

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Real Life Doesn’t Have a Hiatus

In the entertainment business we have a term hiatus and it is often bantered about when talking about the status of a TV show air or production schedule.  Simply put, it is when a network takes a several week break in … Continue reading

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Why Old People Go to Florida

As I was growing up I always heard stories of cantankerous New Yorkers who would go to Florida for the winter.  I thought that was silly, who doesn’t like a good snow storm now and then? My sisters and I … Continue reading

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I Just Ate Deep Fried Pickles

Still in Florida and loving it. The best part about traveling is being out of your comfort zone. It’s good to not get too complacent in life. When you are not in your own home night after night you tend … Continue reading

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