Isn’t it Ironic?

I was working out and listening to a little Alanis Morissette and I thought to myself, isn’t this ironic – I am a singer and while I am working out, I am listening to another singer and somewhere in the world there was someone else working out while listening to one of my songs…(at least I hope there is.)

Life is full of ironies. Sometimes the irony is an old law that is still on the books.

  • In Maryland a woman cannot go through her husband’s pockets while he is sleeping. Not even if she really wants a piece of gum or “borrow” $200 for a new pair of sneakers
  • In Tucson, Arizona, women are not allowed to wear pants. No word on the stance on booty shorts,thongs or going commando.
  • In Carrizozo, New Mexico, it is illegal for a woman to appear unshaven under their arms in public. Why doesn’t Manhattan have such a law on its books – just sayin’

Other ironies are just a fact of life.

  • Everyone has a photographic memory to some degree. However my manager Mr. Bricks doesn’t appear to have any film.
  • Whenever I need to use a flashlight my batteries are dead. Whenever I need a battery I am out of that size of battery. This irony holds true for light bulbs.
  • It was recently discovered that doing research caused cancer in rats.
  • Keeping up with Kardashians is called a reality series, but nothing about it reflects reality at all.

Its ironic that shoppers at Wal Mart didn't notice the original price

I have also noticed that the muckery in my life is filled with ironies.

  • I eat healthy, work out and I am in good health. My manager Mr. Bricks eats Mc Ribs at McDonald’s, doesn’t work out and  his blood pressure is higher than the national debt.
  • It was 60° the other day in New York so I started putting away my gloves, uggs and puffy winter jacket and I was going to bring out the spring sneakers. Yesterday it snowed 8 inches and the high was only about 10 degrees.
  • I am Greek and Blonde, yet I still have a good coconut on my shoulders.
  • Days I plan on running errands I get called for meetings and auditions. On days I have nothing to do and would like an audition the phone never rings.

I have a manager with one lazy eye. But I do not yet have a record deal….isn’t that ironic?




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14 Responses to Isn’t it Ironic?

  1. frizztext says:

    irony is one of the most important tools for philosophy …
    as a guitarist I had to play for my daughter, a hobby singer, very often that title of
    Alanis Morissette
    In Tucson, Arizona, women are not allowed to wear pants. No word on the stance on booty shorts,thongs or going commando.
    going on commando, like a dog?

  2. frizztext says:

    hi Ava,
    you inspired me to do my daily post with the topic IRONIC

  3. tiallarising says:

    Um, Ava…I live in Arizona, and I’ve been to Tuscon a lot, and well…I’ve seen women all over the place wearing pants. I wore pants. I have an aunt who lives there and wears pants all the time. Am I missing something here?


  4. charlywalker says:

    Sounds like some of your Ironies need to be pressed….

    spread the humor:

  5. this post really made me smile – i can never find the right battery either! 🙂

  6. thumbles says:

    The only irony in Alanis Morissette’s song is the fact that she appears unable to grasp the concept of irony. Not that I dislike the song, but rain on your wedding day, traffic jams when you’re late, not ironic, just unfortunate.
    And research causes cancer in rats? That’s a chilling statement if true. I hope you just mean cancer research and not any research at all 🙂

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