Is Casey Anthony Guilty?

Acquitted. Now let's make this all worth while. Sign petition below.

Last time I checked, although I am Greek, I am still living in America. And the last time I cracked open a Rand-McNally map Orlando, Florida was also still part of the United States of America. So if these two statements are true that should still mean that if someone was acquitted of a crime in O’Town they were judged by a jury of their peers to have been found not guilty of the crime they were charged with.  Furthermore, they are not to be held accountable in a court of law, no matter what other facts there may be.  It is the way our court systems have been working for more than a hundred and fifty years. If you do not like it, move to Iran or Iraq and just pray that you see men and women in green uniforms with the US flag sewn on their shoulders to liberate you and give you some of the same freedoms and democracy we enjoy here. ‘Nuff said.

Ok, that is my geography/legal mumbo jumbo disclaimer for the day. Let me get into the meat and potatoes of what I need to get off of my Greek chest.

I remember the OJ verdict. I didn’t follow the trial but I do remember seeing the riots and the aftermath of his acquittal. I thought to myself what a crazy thing to do. The fact that the rioting and outcry was actually from many people who agreed with the verdict but used it as an excuse to become lawless and unruly.  How silly is that? I did not follow the Casey Anthony trial so much either – but the reaction to the verdict has been near impossible to miss. I am glad there was not civil unrest with the announcement of the verdict for Casey Anthony. My biggest fear was that riots would have hooligans burning down Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World, busting the Aquarium at Sea World trying to set Shamu free or worst yet toppling the giant globe at the front entrance to Universal Studios Florida because that is where Casey said she worked. My googley eye manager Mr. Bricks who has spent the last month in Florida (doing God only knows what) was super concerned that someone would smash up all of the all-you-can eat buffets on International Drive. To him, that would have been the true travesty of justice in this case.

Right or wrong, whether you agree or do not agree with the jury’s verdict it is the way 12 people saw the evidence and voted. I have seen reports that all of the alternate jurors also would have voted the exact same way. So clearly as smug as he was Jeff Ashton did a very poor job and spent way too much time trying to make Casey out to be a horrible person. I am thinking perhaps Florida prosecutor Jeff Ashton is a cousin or somehow related to HLN’s talking head Nancy Grace…just a hunch. Would someone investigate that for me please?

Ok, keep your pantaloons on and remember according to where we all live (see first paragraph of this blog) everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am just using my constitutional rights and blogging….but what the point of today’s blog is, is to say that something very beautiful has come out of this circus. It is a petition to create a new law that would be called Caylee’s Law that will make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner. It was started by a woman named Michelle Crowder from Oklahoma who was outraged by the verdict and decided to do something about it.  To date more than a million people have gone to and have signed the petition. Now that is using your noggin! If you want to sign the petition you can go there:

Sign Caylee’s Law petition here

Please sign the petition.




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4 Responses to Is Casey Anthony Guilty?

  1. frizztext says:

    move to Iran or Iraq and just pray that you see men and women in green uniforms with the US flag sewn on their shoulders to liberate you and give you some of the same freedoms and democracy we enjoy here. ‘Nuff said…:

  2. michellefrommadison says:

    Court found Casey Anthony not guilty of any crime except lying. Simple as that. If anyone thinks otherwise, they need to get some mental-help imo because they may have been brainwashed by CNN by their incorrect reporting.

  3. padiofarty says:

    Ms Aston,

    Here here – exactly – and couldnt agree more

  4. Yes, sometimes people loose the plot a bit…..but even I, in the middle of south africa- amillion miles away have been so saddened by the fact that she has been aquitted. It makes me so mad that logic doesn’t have any place in the court room. It’s all about the evidence. As far as I am concerned- there was enough.
    Okay enough of my opinion!

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