Christmas Muckery

santa gets arrested and target is overrun by crazy people at christmas because of neiman marcus selling marc jacobs purses and everyone wants a black friday deal

All I want for Christmas is – people to stop acting like the world is going to end!

I know this is “supposed to be” the season of peace, joy, love and giving – yadda, yadda.  Well, for some reason some people in my neck of the woods sure didn’t get the memo.  I don’t know if it’s the economy, Hurricane Sandy or that Obama is still the president and either some people are pissed and others are still high on wacky weed and claiming residency in Colorado but still living here or what.  All I know is that little thing known as “The Christmas Spirit” sure has been missing round here.

What am I talking about?  Well, let’s put it this way, I was quite literally accosted the other day while walking into the post office.  Yes you heard me right.  Picture this.  My sweetie drops me off with arms full of packages and cards to be shipped when all of a sudden a guy in a large SUV starts backing up and almost hits our car.  Next thing you know he’s jumping out of his car screaming at us and calling me everything under the sun.  For those of you who know me, you’d be proud to know I just sat there and grinned while I waited for my sweetie to come back and join me to get in line.  But then this jerk decided to jump in my face and almost knock me over while calling me the “C” Word.  Then I flipped and had to do something ( I mean he was an inch from my Greek noggin and flailing his arms in the air like he was going to hit me…)  So I kicked him in the shin of course, he had it coming and besides I had to get him away from me.  I mean what in the Heck in the World is wrong with people?!?

All I know is Christmas is not what it used to be.  Sure, I’m not a kid anymore but really, when did Christmas become all about ruining Thanksgiving and starting 24 hour shopping hours before the turkey was even carved?  Don’t forget the 24 hour shopping hours, week-long black friday deals, X-Box lines and Neimen Marcus at Target?  Seriously, this is insane!!  Who in their right mind cares about Neimen Marcus at Target?  Anyone who waited in line overnight to buy a Marc Jacobs glitter purse from Target needs to get their head checked.

It’s like you would think the world were coming to an end and they had to get the last deal of their life.  Newsflash – the Mayan’s were wrong people!!!  Get over it already.  Life will go on regardless of if you get that Nook or Kindle.  This just begs the question, Where is the fire?  It’s like there are a bunch of mind-numb robots on crack driving like they are in a Nascar race in the Target Parking lot.  Which is what caused my mom to blurt out in frustration, “What is with these stupid Christmassholes!?!?”  Which caused me the Greek Girl to choke on my coffee and nearly get in a car accident; yes another one!  That would be the last thing I needed this Christmas.

So this Christmas we are in protest of this nonsense and how chaotic and out of touch everyone is.  Instead of a Christmas wish list and musically choreographed Christmas lights we decided to not put of a tree or do any sort of decorating.  Instead we are just spending time with family and remembering to stay away from the muckery at the malls.  But most of all, we are keeping in mind the most important thing, that JESUS is the “REAL REASON” for the season people.

In the meantime if you want something to help put a smile on your face and break the monotony of the Christmas muckery, here is the “Ava The Diva” Christmas Cartoon episode for your viewing pleasure.

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

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