There’s an App for That

More than 500 million applications have been downloaded from Apple’s iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. I recommend the Greek Speak app – just sayin.

Last night I was chatting on Skype with my manager Mr. Bricks about the really cool new app I just downloaded for my iPhone called my fitness pal. I love this app because I can log my meals and exercise even when I am on the road. You know this Greek girl loves her work outs and health food. I am not trying to lose any weight, but for those who are it’s a perfect way to customize to your unique weight loss goals – hint, hint Mr. Bricks!!

Let’s see what other apps do I have on my phone? Oh, I have a US Constitution app, Flickster app, Drudge report app, for my music I have a MySpace App, sneaker freaker app, Facebook app, TwitPic app, Kohl’s app (for store locator and sale ads), Chase app for my mobile banking, bible verse app, Ebay app and many others.

It truly does seem like there is an app for absolutely everything. Here are some just plain weird apps that are out there:

Hello Cow! Touch the cow on the screen and hear it go “moo” in a variety of different ways. This one is apparently aimed at kids and toddlers, to keep them distracted on long trips etc. Thank you, Steve Jobs and ‘Hello Cow’ creators, for neutralizing kids’ incredibly annoying thirst for knowledge, answers and candy.

Hold On. With this app you must hold down a (virtual, on-screen) button for as long as possible. That’s it, seriously. You can compete against the world though, but finding out that you’re the best in the world at this particular app could, and probably should, lead to depression.

Hang Time: This is a good one. ‘Hang Time’ senses for how long your iPhone is in the air. Not for people who have trouble catching objects.

Zits and Giggles. Pop the zits on-screen. Proper disgusting.

Rimshots and Crickets. Featuring sound effects such as Rimshot (badum-tish), Crickets (*chirp*), “Sad”, Trombone (wa-wah-wahh) and Golf Clap /Slow Clap, this amazing app is for you if you like to mock you friends with ironically placed rimshot sounds. And the Cricket sound is there to fill the awkward silences, so you’ll never get bored next time you hand out with your friends.  Note to Self: I think I need to get this app for my conversations with Mr. Bricks.

CSI Finger Print and Spy Kit. Ever wanted to be as cool as James Bond or for that matter ever wanted to go into FBI but couldn’t? Well, this app might help in healing some old wounds for you. You can fulfill your espionage fantasies using this app. This app includes features such as Advanced CSI Finger Print Scanner, CSI Lie Detector, CSI Metal Detector, Dog Attack, High frequency sound gun, Spy Recorder and Most Wanted List.

So virtually anything you can think of, yes, there’s an app for that!

And yes I do have a PayPal app, just in case you go to my  website and order a CD. Your order will show up instantly on my phone and I will ship it out, to you – from me, with love the very next day – just sayin’




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5 Responses to There’s an App for That

  1. dorcas says:

    ha ha. love the last 2 lines 🙂

  2. Have you managed to find an app for my “bucket list”? Woudl be awesome to know, i havent had time to search yet. I do however have a blackberry and not an iphone.
    Much cooler!! HAHA. Great post.

  3. frizztext says:

    paypal, skype – I try to reach US-standard 🙂
    frizz from Germany

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