The Bible

The Greatest Story is not just a story it's who we are and what makes us so.

The Greatest Story is not just a story it’s who we are and what makes us so.

So I was all excited to settle down tonight with a hot cup of Dunkin’ Donut’s (decaf of course) and a few Pekingese to snuggle up with and watch History Channel’s “The Bible” by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.  Now, I know it’s the second week of the 5-part series, and yes I did watch last week.  That’s why I was so excited to get to watch it this week.  In case you haven’t tuned in, which I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, this is a really neat and one of a kind production.  Instead of a full length film about one character from the Bible we are getting to see and meet the main characters throughout the entire Bible.  It’s actually pretty cool to see it like this.

Now, because I ‘love’ Roma Downey from Touched By an Angel and I used to watch that show whenever I could, I am not surprised she is a Christian and would want to produce this project.  What I did not know is that Mark Burnett was a Christian and would also be involved in making this project.  So for that, I say Kudos! That’s Greek for “two-thumbs up” in case you didn’t know.  What is even more interesting was that after reading about the production aspect of the mini-series, I learned the crew insisted on having prayer-circles and really dedicating the production to the guidance of God’s hand in making it come to life.  One other thing I didn’t know but find interesting is that when they produced it they wanted it to be engaging from the perspective of both those who are of the faith and for those who may not know the Bible story and therefore find it interesting.  So instead of making it over-dramatic with an overtly religious tone they insisted on it being made as a tool to minister to those who would possibly come to know Jesus and God through the Bible mini-series.

But then during the commercial break I made a mistake.  I opened my facebook to read my thread only to be completely disappointed.  If any of you know anything about me you would know how much it upsets me that our society is going down the drain with all the Beyonce, Housewife of Whatevertown, Lady Gaga and the idolized overpaid criminal gangster athletes leading the way.  So like I was saying, all I see in my newsfeed is a bunch of Christians complaining about how bad The Bible mini-series is and how it’s so inaccurate. Some people were saying how they should be ashamed and that they can’t watch it because it was blasphemous or whatever.

Let’s just say, this kind of attitude really irked Greek Girl.  I was a bit perturbed to say the least.  Here I am thinking, “Isn’t this great, we have a Hollywood Powerhouse couple making an effort to impact society through producing Godly Christian content in the mainstream arena and it falls in line with my ideals.  Meanwhile a whole bunch of miserable Christians are bashing it as if it were Beyonce flashing the Illuminati sign while half-naked during the Super Bowl.  Ironically, most people didn’t even complain nearly as much about that as they did about The Bible mini-series.

So, I just have to ask, “What in the heck in the world is wrong with some people?”  Seriously, if we have any desire to change the way people act and behave in society and the direction of where we are taking, we have to start somewhere.  I tip my hat off to Burnett and Downey for taking a risk and trying to connect with both believers and no-believers alike while trying to honor the message and story of God and Jesus at the same time.  Here’s my Greek Girl suggestion, instead of “bashing” what others are doing about spreading God’s message of love and faith why not embrace it and promote it for what it is and encourage more content like it to be produced.  By doing so, we just might actually start to see this country begin to slowly turn around and just maybe we can start seeing morals and values come back “into fashion”…  Just a thought.

Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xo

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